The Guild – Chapter 188 – Heath

Her eyes close as she speaks softly against my shoulder. “I can,” She huffs. “Someone who does evil things willingly, for one.”

I think about what to say to that before I speak. To me, it’s terrifying to be controlled against my will and see it, but I guess to be at the mercy of someone who enjoys committing evil could be worse… maybe. Could she be implying that the Lava is not something evil? I would need to know more if I were to come to a decision on that.

I tilt my chin and open my mouth to speak, but I feel her still beside me, her last breath, so weak and soft against my collarbone. My own breath hitches as I hold her. I know she said she’ll come back, but still… I hold her cold, lifeless body and I can’t help but feel sad for her. She died. Despite what she says about those closest to her feeling worse, I think it’s hardest on her.

I let a small tear escape my eye as I lay there still. I inhale a heavy breath and suddenly, she feels lighter. I open my eyes and stare as her body fades to a soft golden colour and starts to crumble into sand in my arms. I jump up, still clutching the sand that was her shoulder just moments ago. The sand falls through my fingers onto the bed, then fades to nothing. I look around wildly.

A crash resounds from the living room and my head snaps toward the door. I jump off the bed, wiping my eye. I take the door handle in my hand and hover there a moment… Would that be her, or someone else? I twist the handle and pull it open. My eyes scan the room and find her, Selene, on the floor next to an overturned chair. I stare as her fear stricken face, a hand clutching her chest. She looks more frightened than I’ve ever seen her before. I thought she didn’t get scared?

I dash through the door and fall to her side, taking her hand in mine and pulling it away from her chest. “Selene? What is it? What’s happened? Are you… alright?” I ask, confused. She’s back, so why does she look frightened?

She just sits there, staring into space and muttering, “That’s not possible…”

“What is it? What’s not possible? Selene, you can tell me,” I ask, really just wanting to know what’s wrong.

Her voice is barely a whisper, brows furrowed. “It’s still there…”

My heart skips a beat and I’m pretty sure my jaw drops open. “What…? How?” I’m sure she doesn’t have those answers, but I certainly don’t. After all this, she can’t get rid of it? There has to be something… right?

“This has never happened before,” She looks up at me with wide eyes, her body trembling.

“What are we going to do?” I ask, certain it’s a dumb question. Finally, I come to some sense and grip her hand firmly in mine, noting how cold she feels still. “Let’s move from the floor. Are you… hurt anywhere? Do you want to lay down?” I ask, wondering what she does after she is… reborn? Is that the term you’d use in this case?

“I… I have no idea,” She looks petrified. “I never expected this. Never…”

I frown, feeling a tightness in my own chest. I wish there was some way I could help… I cringe as I feel that annoying persistent itch again. I wonder if I have lice. I scratch my head with no relief as I pull her up onto her feet.

“Come, let’s sit. Are you cold?” I worry about how cold she feels in my hand.

“Freezing…” She mumbles, clinging onto my arms. “I think… I think we should at least call Gwen. The only thing I can think of is that this will give her more time to study it. Maybe the only way to get rid of it is to kill it,” She mutters, more like she’s talking to herself. “It’s like it’s alive.”

“Alive? But Void, it’s the absence of life, isn’t it? How can a poison from a wound be alive?” This Void element seems to be the most troublesome thing I’ve ever heard of… Like a poison without an antidote. I hug her close to me as I move her to the room. I should find her another sweater maybe.

“I don’t mean alive like it’s a living creature,” She frowns, “I mean it has a consciousness. Primitive, mostly survival based.”

“Realy? Does it… speak?” I wonder as I walk to the closet.

“No, thank god,” She scoffs, sitting on the edge of the bed. She rubs her arms absently, staring at the wall. “It jumped into me when it realised I was a fresh host, as opposed to Caroline, who had given just about all that she could. It’s more like a parasite than an infection.”

“A parasite…” I hum absently, pulling the thickest sweater from her wardrobe and turning to hand it to her. “So, if it’s a parasite, will it keep draining your life energy like it did Caroline, and…” I don’t want to say it, but I think it. Will it keep killing her?

“Yes,” She answers my question. “I’ll die again and again until we find a way to destroy it.” She lifts her gaze to meet mine, a pained expression on her face. “I’m sorry. I never wanted to put you through this.”

“Me? Why are you worried about me? You’re the one that has to die! I’m more concerned about you,” I say strongly, sitting next to her on the bed.

“I told you, this always hurts the people I care about more than myself,” She sighs. “I’ve seen people I love go insane, Heath. I don’t want that again.”

I pout beside her. Why is she so concerned about me? Lava makes me way more insane… She shouldn’t worry about me. The Void is still in her. I turn to look at her, “Should I go get Gwen?”

She leans against my shoulder, the sweater I gave her in her lap. “Not yet,” She takes a deep breath. “I can’t compose myself yet… Stay with me a while longer.”

I sigh, hanging my arm over her shoulders and holding her close. “Take your time,” I say softly, placing my other hand on hers in her lap. Holding her brings me comfort. I hope it does the same for her.

“It does,” She chuckles weakly. “I have to admit, I am grateful to not be alone. I don’t remember the last time I felt so…” She frowns, “Human.”

I lean my head against hers, surprised by her words a little. When I had the lava magic, I felt very little like a human too. More like a curse. I can see why she might feel the way she does, but… to die, that makes us human right? I’m not really sure what I am. I feel human without my magic. That gives me comfort. I’m glad I can bring her some comfort as we face this parasite that is Void.

“How long were you alone… before me?” I ask curiously.

“I’ve taken lovers, over the years, but my last husband died… maybe fifty years ago,” She hums. “I decided humans were too fragile to invest the time and effort of a relationship, after that. Of course, I didn’t know there were others like me until recently.”

My jaw trembles. Me, like her? I’m hardly skilled enough to be on par with her. And she can’t only like me for my looks, so she says. Why does she love me? What’s different? Would it be the same if Lava were here? I smile at her anyway, unsure if I’m worthy of her love or not. “So you’ve been alone for a while. I made it routine to be alone. I agree, it can be easier… You don’t hurt anyone but yourself when you’re alone.”

“Yes,” She nods. “I hurt many people just by existing. It seems you aren’t taking that into account in your assessment,” She tilts her head to look up at me. “I feel we have more in common than you would like to think.”

“We both hurt people by existing?” Somehow that makes me feel worse. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I never did. Does that mean… Will I hurt her one day? I wouldn’t want that at all. Never. I’d run before that could happen.

“No…” She rolls her eyes. “Just that we have hurt people in the past. Maybe you will hurt me, but it won’t be your fault. You know that.”

“You say that but it doesn’t feel like it’s not my fault,” I complain.

“I would be more hurt if you ran away,” She argues.

Oh damn… I have to stop thinking that. What has she been trying to teach me these past two weeks? Keep it together, man. “Right, sorry,” I apologize. I wonder how she’s feeling. Is there anything else I can do for her? I lift my hand from her shoulders and comb my fingers through her hair. It’s so soft.

“I feel okay right now,” She answers again. “It’s not as strong as it was. It will take a few days to kill me again.”

“Lovely,” I say a little sarcastically. “So, in the meantime?”

She looks confused, “In the meantime, we try to figure out what to do. Gwen can take more samples, she can track its progress, and whatever other tests she likes.”

“Sounds reasonable. Learn what we can while we can. I just hope it’s not too painful,” I blink as the itch comes again. I let go of her hand and scratch my head. I wish that itch would go away.

She turns toward me, placing her hands on either side of my face. I feel a slight tingle, and her brow creases. She drops her hands and sighs, “I think we should call Gwen now.”

I tilt my head curiously, taking her hand in mine. “Alright. I’ll be right back.” I stand with a smile, not wanting to take my eyes off of her. I’ll only be a minute. “Stay here, ‘kay?”

“I’m not going anywhere,” She smiles.

“Good,” I walk to the doors and slip out, shutting them behind me. I leave the room and walk down the hall to Caroline’s room, where I assume she might still be. I enter, the door unlocked and walk to the back of the dorm to the bedroom. Kaede stands by the bed with Gwen as she talks to him about the tea in her hand.

“She’s extremely low on magic which is why I suspect she’s still unconscious. Just make sure she drinks the tea and then she should wake. Understand?” Kaede nods. I try not to think anything about what he said earlier. He’s a nice guy… mostly.

I cough, “Excuse me.” Gwen and Kaede spin around.

“You’re back. How is Selene?” Gwen asks.

“She’s come back but she wants to see you, if you have a moment.” I think I’ll let Selene explain it.

“Is she alright?” She frowns.

“Well, for now,” I shrug.

“Alright. I’m done here. I’ll come with you,” She hums. She gathers a few items and her bag and then follows me out, leaving Kaede with Caroline. I lead her back to Selene’s room and take her to the bedroom, shutting the doors behind me. I stand there as Gwen walks to the edge of the bed, setting her bag down on the sheets.

“Was there something you wanted to ask me?” She asks Selene, lifting her hand to take a reading before she’s even responded.

“No,” Selene purses her lips. “Something I needed to tell you.”

“Oh, alright, I’m listening,” She drops her hand.

Selene hesitates, and it’s obvious even to me that she’s struggling to keep her composure. “The infection… is apparently more like a parasite. Death didn’t get rid of it.”

Gwen’s brow creases in thought. “A parasite. Well… That’s interesting. May I take a reading to see how deep it is?” A curious expression crosses her face.

“Do whatever you need to do,” Selene says seriously. “Cut me open if it’ll help. I don’t care.”

“I won’t need to go that far. Let me take a look first. Usually, a parasite will leave a mark. As it did in its final stage, the black webbing was all over your body. If it’s still there, maybe it’s still showing.” She directs Selene to remove her shirt. It’s not long before she brings a finger to her chin and hums.

“This looks new,” She points to the faint black mark on Selene’s chest, above her heart. “I don’t like where it’s positioned. Usually, a parasite enters from a wound and spreads to a vital organ or system. At least, the non-magical type. It seems to be critical,” She places her hands above the mark and they glow faintly. She nods as she reads.

“The only way it could have transferred after death is if it attached to my soul,” Selene explains bluntly. “Which it has. My body reforms, every scar, every physical ailment is erased. Only my soul remains.”

“Hmm. I wonder if it’s even possible to take a sample,” Gwen chews her lip.

Selene narrows her eyes in thought, “If you can bring be a container… I think glass will do, I think I can take a piece out.”

I cringe. “Wait, what? You’re going to take out a piece of your soul?” That sounds messed up to me.

“It’s corrupted anyway,” She shrugs. “Just like cutting out a piece of a tumor.”

How does one even remove a piece of their soul? Does it require surgery? Are any of us capable? Oh… wait, Selene said she had been a nurse in one of the world wars… maybe she is capable.

Selene smirks, amused. “You don’t cut the body to remove a piece of a soul, love. It’s a little trickier than that.”

“How then?” I ask.

“I will have to do it. That is my element, after all,” Selene states simply. “I highly doubt anyone else could. I should do it soon, while I’m still well enough. Bring be a container as soon as you can,” She instructs Gwen.

She nods and takes her bag, readying to leave. “Oh, before I go, is there anything else you’d like? A tea for pain or a magic replenisher?”

Selene takes a moment to consider, “Pain relief might be useful over the next few days.”

 Gwen nods. “Alright. I’ll brew a fresh batch. I gave the last of what I had to Caroline yesterday,” She shrugs then leaves. I lock the door behind her, hovering by the door. I still can’t imagine what that might be like, removing a piece of soul. Somehow the doesn’t seem right to me.

“Why does it not seem right to you?” Selene asks curiously when I return to the bedroom. She’s put her shirt back on and the thick sweater I gave her earlier, and I find her sitting at the head of the bed with the covers over her legs.

“Well, your soul, it’s what makes you who you are. What happens when you lose a piece of it?”

“You would be surprised how much of it you can lose before it affects who you are,” She muses, laying back on a stack of pillows. “Care to join me?” She changes the subject abruptly, patting the bed beside her. I can’t deny, I wouldn’t mind just laying with her. I join her by the bed, crawling up beside her. I love just being with her, even if we do nothing at all.

I lean back against the headboard, nothing really pertinent on my mind. I guess rest is the best option right now for her. I’m not really sure how this whole waking up from being dead this affects her, but now, with the Void parasite still in effect… that just brings in a whole other lots of problems. Perhaps it’d be best to keep our minds off of it till Gwen comes back.

I suppose asking wouldn’t hurt. “So, do you have any interesting stories to tell?” I ask. I would offer my own but I doubt living with foster families is that interesting… I don’t remember all the much about my real parents. I guess that might be good to share… If she asked. 

“I have many. You’ll have to narrow your criteria, darling. What do you find interesting?” She asks as she pulls my arm over her shoulders and leans against me.

“Uhh…” I forget she has a wealth of knowledge beyond my years. “I find anything interesting that doesn’t have to do with school life. What about your favourite spring memory,” I suggest, figuring spring is a happy time of year… mostly.

She hums and is quiet for a while. “It’s hard to choose a favourite. On the one hand, my first daughter was born in spring. On another, I actually quite enjoyed the excitement of being on the front lines of war.”

Those are both very different kinds of memories. Her answers put into perspective just how much she has experienced. It also makes me question how I might be perceived to someone who’s likely had many children who she’s outlived. I must seem like a child to her… if one compared our ages.

She laughs, “I’m not that old! My children are still alive, last I checked. Of course, they themselves have children and grandchildren.”

“So… I’m like a great grandchild then… Is it not weird then? For us to be together?” I don’t know why I keep questioning this. Am I just realizing now how insecure I am, or have I always been like this?

“No,” She shrugs. “Age is a funny thing. I’m still physically the same age as you are. I still have the same hormones, the same desires. My body doesn’t know how old it is, and I generally don’t think of myself that way. I prefer to keep up to date and live as though I am twenty-something.”

That brings me relief. “Hmm. I see. Well then, I’m fine with that.” I think back to her answer. “What was it like, having a daughter?” I’m somewhat curious, considering most people… our age, would most likely be having children. I hadn’t really considered it until recently. It’s still sort of not on my mind, but I’m curious.

She doesn’t answer right away, and I realise she’s watching me from the corner of her eye. Her lips curl into a sly smile when I notice. “What?” I ask nervously.

“You’re adorable,” She giggles.

“Adorable. How?” It’s hard to tell when she’s reading my thoughts and not my spoken words… sometimes.

She shakes her head with a laugh – a beautiful sound, resting her palm on my leg. “My daughter was delightful. I had sons before that. Always getting into trouble, those boys. She, on the other hand… She loved helping with chores, with domestic tasks, things like that.” She stares ahead with a wistful smile, obviously lost in the memory. I wish I could see what she’s thinking of, something so happy that it makes her smile must be nice.

“I can show you,” She offers suddenly. “Unless you want to be surprised, by your own children,” She adds with a wink.

I laugh, “Whenever that would be.” I think on her offer though. I didn’t know she could share memories too. “I’d like to see what’s making you so happy.”

She holds up her hand for me to take. As soon as I grip it, I’m not in the bed any more, but in a kitchen, and… I’m not me! I’m seeing everything from her eyes. She stands at the sink, the house looks like something from a 1940’s movie. In front of her, on a stool, is a little girl, maybe five or six years old with beautiful golden hair and blue eyes.

The girl stands on her toes, reaching into the sink, which is full of bubbles with dishes poking out. Selene stands right behind her, keeping her steady as they wash the dishes together. The girl periodically looks up at her with the cutest smile; dimples on her cheeks and a tooth missing. I feel my own heart swell as I watch her.

The memory fades after a minute or so and I find myself back in her room on the bed. “Woah, that’s an amazing ability, it felt so… real!” I say with an impressed tone in my voice.

She laughs again, louder than before. “It was real. It happened about sixty years ago.”

“I mean, it felt real to me. That’s what’s exciting,” I correct.

She turns to look up at me fully with a bittersweet expression. “I can show you all my memories of her and still it won’t compare to the happiness of holding your own baby in your arms. Sometimes I miss them, but as far as they know, I died a long time ago.” She sighs heavily, “I’m quite looking forward to experience Kaitlyn and Andrei’s joy, even as an observer. It will be nice.”

I feel many things at once. First, I wonder why her family would think she’s dead. Did she not tell them about her magic? I can’t imagine what that must be like. Second I remember the punch to the face… What if I ruined what they had? I very nearly did. I doubt Andrei would want me around to ‘enjoy’ in their happiness.

“No,” She replies simply. “I didn’t tell them. It’s better that way.”

I scrunch my face up, trying to make sense of that. “How so?”

“It’s easier for them to think I’m dead, to mourn me, than to wonder where I am all the time. To grow old in peace, rather than to wonder why I don’t. Why they didn’t inherit my gifts, or worse, witness their mother die over and over.” She drops her gaze, “I made that mistake once. I made sure not to repeat.”

I guess I can’t argue with that. My only disagreement with that is them thinking she’s dead and having peace about it. I hate the fact that my family’s dead… I feel damn guilty and helpless anytime I think about it. What could I have done differently that day to keep them alive? I always wonder… with no answer to help me come to terms with it.

“Heath,” She interrupts my thoughts. I look up, questioningly. “First of all, you were a child. Keeping your family safe was never your responsibility. Secondly, my children believe I died of an illness. They have no reason to blame themselves.”

“So, I am to blame for my family’s death. Thanks for that,” I frown, looking down at the sheets.

Her eyes grow wide. “How on earth did you come to that conclusion?! That’s the opposite of what I just said!”

“Because they don’t know the truth, and I do. I caused that eruption. I killed them… It wasn’t supposed to happen for another five to ten years. That’s why they were there in the first place!” Images of them walking along the crater fill my mind, my brother and I arguing… My sister storming off, angry.

She groans loudly, moving away from my side. She pushes the covers back slightly and moves to sit with her knees on either side of my hips, her nose inches from mine. I flinch back, startled. What is she going to do?

“It was not your fault. You blame yourself because guilt does that. The fact of the matter is the volcano could have erupted at any time. Volcanos erupt randomly, even with technology, we can’t predict exactly when they’ll explode. Even if it had something to do with you falling in, you were what, nine? If we held every person to account for the decisions they made at that age there would be no free citizens. You chose to live. You had no idea what that might have meant, you had no way of knowing. So cut it out,” Her voice rises, frustration seeping through.

“I- I’m sorry I brought it up,” I mumble, afraid of her tone. My thoughts scramble to think of something less personal.

I feel her cold palms on my cheeks, forcing me to look into her silver-blue eyes. “Repeat after me; I didn’t kill my family.”

“What? How is that going to help anything?” I say, flustered.

“I didn’t ask for your opinion,” She scoffs bluntly. “Say it.”

“Why?” I stall, finding it hard to say something I don’t fully believe.

“Do it,” She orders, ignoring my question.

My jaw works soundlessly between her hands. I can’t refuse a direct order, not from her. “I- I didn’t… kill my family,” I say shakily.

“Good,” She relaxes slightly but doesn’t move away. “Again.”

“A- Again?” I start.

“Yes,” She replies seriously. “I’ll make you say it a thousand times if I have to.”

“A thousand?! That’s ridiculous,” I scoff.

“I don’t care,” She smirks. “I’ve got nothing better to do.”

How did it come to this? Jezz. “Okay, okay. I didn’t kill my family,” I repeat.

“Say it like you mean it, Heath,” She encourages me, holding my gaze like a vice.

“But-” I don’t believe it. Why is she doing this? My heart is pounding nervously in my chest as her eyes stare back into mine.

“Do you trust me?” She asks, her voice dropping to almost a whisper.

Of course I trust her! She knows why more about… everything than I do. I haven’t trusted anyone since what Justin did to me that day. I nod between her hands. I just don’t see how denying it will make it any different. I’ll never get to say sorry to Justin. I’ll never see my mom and dad again, and Nicole… I’ll always remember her as angry at me…

“You aren’t denying that you loved them,” Selene smiles sweetly, making my heart skip. “You can still miss them without blaming yourself for what you had no control over.”

“But… If I did have control… If I hadn’t of been scared falling in… They might not have-”

“Even I would be scared if that happened to me today, as an adult,” She shakes her head. “There is no if. There never was. Say it again.”

I feel like I could cry as I say the words. “I didn’t kill my family,” I whisper.

“It’s okay to cry, Heath,” She rubs my cheeks with her cold thumbs. “You have every right to. Tell me again.”

I don’t think she realises that if I cry now… I probably won’t stop. Not for a long while. I sniff, trying to hold it back. “I- I didn’t kill my family,” I repeat.

Her hands slide down my neck and she stands on her knees, holding my face against her chest with her fingers in my hair. “Tell me. Tell me about how you feel. Allow yourself to mourn, Heath. I’m not going anywhere.”

I stay staring, face against her chest as it hits me then. I never really mourned. I always blamed Justin for what happened. I resented them for not saving me. I gave in to the fear and the pain of being abandoned, always fearing to trust anyone because of what happened that day. That’s why I don’t have friends. That’s why I didn’t stay in one place too long. That’s why, everytime I had a new family that showed any sort of love that my own family had shared with me, I pushed them away. I lost control and killed them on accident.

My fear had become my crutch, and so I became alone. I avoided others, just to give myself an excuse for not hurting them. Kaitlyn was right, I can’t fear the fire, or in my case… the Lava. I feel my chest hiccup. I didn’t realise I was already balling into her sweater. My heart… It hurts just thinking about it. Eighteen years of holding back can hurt a lot.

Her fingers comb through my hair and she hums quietly, a soothing song I don’t recognize. “That’s right, darling. You’re doing so well,” She cooes. Is this really doing well?

I continue like that for another ten minutes or so, until it seems my eyes have dried out. It’s been years since I could actually cry. I press my ear to her chest, listening to the soothing sound of her beating heart as I take slow, deep breaths. Slowly, I bring my arms to wrap around her, gently, in a hug. Even though it hurts a little, it feels different somehow, like a weight’s been lifted off my chest. I feel… relieved.

I take another breath, feeling a swell of gratitude to Selene for this peace. How can I ever thank her? I shift my face to look up at her chin. I pull back and feel my nose twitch as I sit up to place my lips to hers. “Thank you,” I whisper as they touch.

I feel her lips curl into a smile and she sinks down to sit in my lap again, her arms hooked around my neck. She presses her chest against mine, though I can barely feel it under all the layers of clothing. Despite this, I feel aroused, to my own embarrassment. Though, perhaps if she’s feeling better then… there’s no reason not to. I owe it to her.

I press more hungrily against her lips, parting my own to slide my tongue against hers. I press my hands into her sweater, feeling her body move beneath the soft material. Her weight in my lap makes my groin tingle.

Almost on cue, her hips move. It’s subtle, but judging by the way she smiles against my kiss, it’s on purpose. She squirms on my lap, stimulating the tingle that’s already begun. I decide, she’s evil.

I don’t want to hurt her, incase she’s more sensitive with… well, that. So I hold back my urge to flip her over. Instead, I slip my hands under her shirt, sliding it up to reveal the under layers of her cocoon. Maybe I can keep her warm instead, I smirk.

She breaks away, tearing off her sweater. “The Void won’t have much effect for a couple days. Aside from the cold, I feel fine,” She assures me.

I chew the inside of my cheek. “Are you sure?” I’m finding it hard to hold back.

“I’m sure,” She grins, watching my expression intently.

I grin, growling under my breath. I feel lighter than I ever have, and I have her to thank for that. I blink slowly, then, gripping her by the waist, I flip her over onto her back, scrambling to my knees to be on top of her, looking down into those beautiful silver-blue eyes. I love her smile as she looks up at me. I lean down to kiss her, our noses rubbing as we both turn the same way. I laugh.

She grabs the collar of my shirt and pulls me down to meet her lips hard, impatient. My hands glide over the remaining layers. I should’ve had her take them off before laying her down. I didn’t want to wait though. I let them roam over the top of her chest, softly running over the fabric covering her breasts as I kiss her passionately.

I pause when I feel my belt come undone, but her hands are definitely in my hair. This seems to arouse me more. I grin into our kiss. I wonder what other tricks she has up her sleeve. As soon as I finish the thought, I feel the sensation of her nails across my back, but she hasn’t moved. My shirt is pushed up toward my shoulders, tugged by invisible hands. My back arches to the sensation, in pleasure, and I groan into her lips.

Her clothes need to come off. I reluctantly sit up, pulling her with me. I hook my fingers under her shirts and pull them up over her shoulders and arms. I toss them over the bed to the floor as I reach for the hook of her bra. My eye catches the little black mark on her chest, above her heart. I note the size.

The bra comes off and my eyes can’t leave her now. I lean down, kissing her chest, my fingers cupping her bosom.

“Yes, love. Play with me,” She moans, her back arching toward me. “My body is yours.”

I feel a shiver run through me. My hands feel hot against her cool skin, almost like touching a stone in the winter. I squeeze a little harder, flicking my tongue against the sensitive part of her breast. I lay her back gently as I continue to lick her. Her breath hitches with almost every lick, every movement of my mouth and hands around the pale pink nipple.

I roam lower, following the line down her front to her navel. Lower still I go, to the band of her pants. I suck on the skin of her hip bone, crassesing it with my tongue. She gasps loudly. My fingers tug on the band, pulling them lower to reveal the lacy trim of her undergarments. I take the lace in my teeth, tugging on it as I look up at her body.

Her cheeks blush faintly as our eyes meet. That encourages me to continue. I use both hands to pull her soft pj bottoms over her hips and down her legs. Once they’re finally out of the way, I return to the lace, using my teeth and my fingers to pull them from her body. Once they too are gone, I gaze in wonder at her laying on the bed before me.

“What would you like to try today, my love?” Selene asks curiously. I feel an invisible hand caress my cheek.

I bite my lip in thought, distracted by her touchless… touch. “I don’t know, I don’t know all there is to experience.” I look into her eyes, a smirk on my lips. “I need a teacher to show me all the possibilities,” I hum with excited anticipation.

She tilts her head with a smirk, “Well… if you want to show gratitude, I could suggest you learn the finer points of performing oral sex.”

I raise my eyebrow curiously, “Alright.” I shuffle back, placing my hands on her knees and gently sliding them apart.


“Oh my God, you are amazing,” I breathe raggedly.

“We’ve barely scratched the surface of possibility, but…” She lets herself fall onto the bed next to me, bouncing on the soft mattress. “To an extent, you already knew that.”

I smile, so happy and exhausted. “Thank you, again,” I say, closing my eyes and resting my dry brow against hers. “For everything.”

“I think you’ve made your gratitude clear,” She teases as she turns onto her side, draping her arm over my chest. “I’m happy to help, always… for you.”

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