The Starfall – A Tale from DND


Captain Alamera Seign (Elf)
123 lbs, 6’3” Blonde hair, Clear blue eyes. pointed features (see picture above)
Wearing hoop earrings, matching bracelets on her wrist (3), and has a dragon tattoo on her exposed left shoulder. She’s wearing my amulet around her neck, hanging in her cleavage. She has a belt on with her rapiers on it. When she wears armor on land she has a belt that goes over her shoulder and has pouches on it with stuff in it. She has a few braids in her hair and a feather from Ryuu tied into it. She wears a wicked pirate captains hat with a feather in it too. She has a wrist guard on with a dagger in it. She speaks pirate, mostly with the old crew, but retains some of the slang in her everyday speech. She can maintain a civil tongue though, especially after a few days being away from the ship. She’s versatile.


The History

Alamera Seign is the last surviving member of the formal noble family of Seign in the old Elvin ruling kingdom. Her father condemned the family to death during the overthrowing by fighting back, against the opposing usurpers. Her mother, who was a mage, teleported Alamera and her infant sister, when she was a teen, to the North Kingdom of the Dragonborn. Unfortunately, her infant sister caught ill due to the cold and died shortly after, leaving Alamera alone on the streets. She had lost everything, the title, family, money, status and had no work.

Alamera became a street urchin, learning the ways of the street to scrounge and earn money. Here, she met Arcain, the red dragon born. She was around 90 at this time. During this time she met others, refugees of the war in similar situations, left on the streets. She made friends in the criminal society and when she got enough money, she bought the gear needed to give her an out from the streets, becoming a pirate.

After joining a crew and learning the ways of the sea (at 127), she got herself a loyal crew of Half-Orcs, Dwarves and an Elf and a Halfling and Half-Elf and staged a successful mutiny(129) not two years after joining the crew, killing the Captain and becoming the new Captain about a year ago. While she is the Captain, the Human Wizard joined the crew later, and they developed a love interest which she keeps very low key among the unloyal crew. Even members of her loyal crew don’t know, though perhaps they suspect. She prefers to keep a certain reputation as a new Captain, and a female Elf at that. She likes to be viewed as a merciless and hardcore. She demands respect from her crew and in turn, rewards them well.

After winning over the crew, she made a contract with the noble nations and governments, leasing her ship and crew for hire to shuttle those across the sea as they needed. This means she can’t refuse work, but she often gets handsomely rewarded for her services. Sometimes she has to carry more than one group of traveling people if they are along a route she is already taking.

A week before the first DND meeting (with me) she received a note from the regent of the surviving Elves, and no less the aunt of the two surviving royal heirs of Rodinesia (though Alamera isn’t aware of this at the time.) She tells me a team is coming, needing passage and they want to hire me. I am to do as they command, take them wherever they want and that my crew is at their disposal. Alamera loves her crew and sees them as her family, so she is reluctant to let on that those are the orders, also, due to her reputation and the particular nature of the other crew members, she is less than eager to let it be known who is on the ship and have others commanding her around. She has worked hard and is an experienced sea Captain, and won’t be bossed around… easily. The note also says she will be handsomely rewarded, paid 20,000 gp. I am to wait for two Elvin Druids (Twins) at the town and pick them up.


The vessel Starfall



Animal Companion, Ryuu – a rare blue Peregrine Falcon

Ryuu is Alamera’s animal companion. She found him upon the mainland of the far continent when he was but a chick. She took him from the nest and made him her companion. He is her doting love and together they travel the formidable seas. He is the fastest bird there is (species trait) and she uses him not only for swift messages but other things as well, like retrieval and hunting.


My Loyal Crew

2 Male – Orcs (brothers) – Thugs/Fighters – Bob (58) and Bill (61). Master gunner and gunner. Greyish skin, yellow eyes, long black hair the Dwarves braided to match the crew, trimmed beard with small trinkets tied to them to match.

Bob and Bill grew up in a rough part of town and early in their life got recruited by the previous captain of the Starfall. They trained for 10 years on the ship but didn’t like the moral of the captain and his harsh ways. Eventually, they met the new young elvin recruit as she disguised herself as a lad, becoming a pirate on the same ship. She was barbaric, had a foul tongue for an elf and they fell in love in a way with her attitude about the captain. It wasn’t long before they discovered she was a girl and in that moment, their true loyalties flipped and they vowed to protect her and her so that she could achieve her goals. Her goals aligned with theirs, they wanted a respectful captain who didn’t just loot and plunder. They saw her determination and grit to make a life for herself even after she lost her family (after learning she was the sole survivor of her family’s noble bloodline,) and they felt they could trust her as a captain and as an elf. They worked with her as a crew member for 2 years before the mutiny.

Alamera loves living rough. She enjoys a good drinking game and learned a lot of games from the gunners while they worked together under the old captain. Bob and Bill helped her to feel out the rest of the crew to see who would help them start a mutiny. Their scary appearance and silent nature made it easy for them to go about somewhat unnoticed and spy on the crew and gain intel.

2 Dwarves (married) male and female – (class? and Fighter) – Gorgon (138) and Marine (130). Gorgon is Cook, Marine is Quartermaster.
Braided red hair and beard, laden with trinkets, beads, and coins, Brown eyes. Red-brown hair braided and decorated with coins, beads, and trinkets. Brown eyes, Jovial.

Growing up on the street Alamera met many people who offered to help her out at one point or another. She grew up in the same town as Arkhan, the Northern city. Into her 117th year, she met the dwarven couple, just before joining the pirate crew. She was in a bind, trying to secure herself pirate gear to realise the next stage of her dream but had falling ill. They found her and took her in, nursed her back to health. She felt indebted to them, so she told them the truth about herself, wanting to make a name for herself, to eventually find a way to get her noble status back, to at least do something for her race. They took to her as if she were a daughter of their own, who had already gone and left the home. They promised to aid her in any way they could. She spent a few years training with them, learning the ways of hunting and getting to know how to not be so elvin. They helped her develop the persona of a boy elf to help her get on a pirate crew.

After she got on the ship and was making a plan for mutiny only 2 years after joining the crew, they came to her aid by a note from Ryuu and assisted. She had them smuggled onboard when they made a landing and that’s how they joined her crew as cook and quartermaster.

1 Male Human – Wizard – Frenen – First Mate
Dark brown hair, Green eyes, toned body, handsome. Shoulder length hair, one braid behind his ear with a feather from Ryuu.

Alamera met Frenen not long after she joined the crew. Her plan was already hatched to join and take over. She was basically counting her friends and keeping tabs on them for when she was ready to set the game into motion. Frenen was an unexpected addition to her plan. As she was learning the ways of the pirates on the ship and soaking in her information, as a boy, Frenen was recruited by the Captain. The captain had acquired his services in a town a year and a half into Alameras’s gig as a pirate. The wizard was entertaining and was used as a smokescreen to give the captain a leg up on his plundering. Alamera found the human wizard to be fascinating, taking to him as a friend and drinking buddy. The wizard wasn’t that good at holding his liquor and soon Alamera found him drunk and forward. Found out he felt differently than the human cities he had grown up in. He, unlike other humans, didn’t despise the elves and felt they had been wronged. His father’s ancestors had always wanted to keep a balance and maintain an order, but with the war and the division between elves and humans growing, he had to hide his true feelings deep down, lest he be found out and stripped of his powers (or something like that).

Seeing he had a good heart and a goal that matched her own, she had a game, with Bob and Bill, already loyal to her at this point, a drinking game. She got him drunk, being able to hold her own liquor well, and had a test of sorts. She dueled him, magic against sword, making a bet that if he won, she’d tell him about a treasure only she knew about. Of course, Frenen didn’t yet know she was a girl. Still, he refused, so he never got told, however, because he showed he was trustworthy and guided by intention other than profit or gold, she let him in on her little plan. They became allies. Frenen didn’t like how the captain used him and treated him. He didn’t much like the pirate life. Alamera and Frenen didn’t have a fling until after she took the ship as her own. When she took the captains hat, she removed the pin, holding her hair out, and revealed the Captain had been ousted by a girl, that the rules would change and anyone who didn’t want to walk the plank was to join her. She privatized the ship, ensuring they all got a steady, reliable source of income and they began traveling the world.

She caught Frenen, nearly shocked speechless after finding out she was a girl. She was so highly amused by it that she bedded him in secret. She didn’t understand what her feelings were toward the human wizard, but she felt drawn to him and his desire to see a balance in the world restored. She filled him and the loyal crew in on her secret bloodline and her plans for the ship. They trusted her and each other as family and together they rant he ship under her guiding eye, the ranger elf who would always look out for them and help them achieve their goals

1 Female Elf – Cleric – Sen (118) – Hangs out in the crows nest
Bright red hair worn in a bun, a single braid hangs out with a feather tied to it. Grey eyes.

Sen is a young female elf. Alamera met her while she was on the streets before she’d fallen ill. Sen was studying to be a cleric at the time and had a great ambition to traverse the world. Sen had gotten herself into a bind and Alamera saw this as an opportunity to make a friend with a due favour in the future. Also, Alamera felt in tune with her. Sen’s family had been split up after the war. She was unable to find them, so she was trying to live on her own. Alamera promised to help her find them, they could travel the world together, once she got herself a ship. Alamera hatched a plan with Sen to turn a pirate ship into a paid service at this time. It was a brilliant idea and, with Sen on the lookout, with her keen eyes and goal to find her own family, Alamera made a pact with her to join the crew once she became captain.

Sen helped Alamera keep in touch with her feminine self. Alamera bunked with her for a time before meeting the dwarves. They became like sisters in a way and Alamera often refers to her as her little sister. Sen sort of fills the hole left behind by the death of her actual sister. A loneliness that often haunted her until she met Sen.

1 Female Half-Elf – Druid – Tally (47) – Surgeon
Tanned brown skin, hazel eyes, chocolate brown hair with twin braids, a coin tied into it and beads.

When Alamera was 98, she met Tally while exploring the wilderness, training as a ranger. Tally was only 15 at the time and was living in the wilds with her family. Being a half-elf, Tally was often ridiculed by other elves and didn’t get along with regular humans. That is until she met Alamera. Tally knew the wilderness Alamera found herself in like the back of her hand. However a bad storm had struck while Tally was out and this is when Alamera came across her, in danger. Alamera saved her life and since then, Tally has looked up to Alamera, despite her not being a well to do elf. Tally admired her rugged ways and revered her as a role model. She wanted to help Alamera as she had helped her. So she devoted herself to becoming a Druid and when she heard that Alamera was gathering people for a mutiny, she answered the call, coming to her aid and joining her crew.

1 Male Halfling – Rogue – Timin (34) – Master Rigger
Toned body and flexible. Black hair cut short, crop cut. Light brown eyes.

Alamera ran into Timin while on a mission. She had hired the rogue to help her get information on a crew and a captain that would be good for her to join and manipulate according to the plan she’d drawn up with Sen. Timin new just the way. He himself joined the crew, assisting the Captain and gaining his trust, learning about him and becoming his most trusted member, but of course, he was already on a job with Alamera. But why wouldn’t Timin shift loyalties on Alamera as he did the previous captain? Well, that’s because well before Timin was born, Alamera knew his parents and at the time, Timin’s mom was pregnant with him. She had been training as a Ranger for a few seasons now and ran into a copse of Halfings being attacked by Orcs. She single-handedly came to the halfling family’s aid and forever earned their respect. She often visited the family before she had Timin, who was by now a handy little halfling rogue and got him on the job. He always saw Alamera as a big sister or an aunt, despite her being an elf. As part of the family, he’d always have her back. So he got the inside scoop, passed the info back to her, teaching her a bit of the rogue’s signals in the process and hence, she joined the pirate crew at 127 years.


Bill and Bob – Brothers
Gorgon and Marine – Married
Sen is young
Frenen is 32 and likes me (Captain).

Alamera met most of the crew while she was growing up on the streets (Half-elf, Elf, Halfling, and Dwarves), at various times. After she bought the gear and started learning to pirateer, she befriended Bob and Bill and the Human joined on after I took the Ship as my own. Frenen and I may have had a fling but I keep it secret and remain professional on the ship, trying to suppress my feelings for him. The others bug Timin about growing a mullet to have a matching braid.

Boomah and Knock-Knock (Goblin siblings)
Alchemist and Rogues Assassin.

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