Packing for Japan


This week sets off the long and tedious process of sorting my STUFF.  I have 2 piles, well, really 3 if you count get rid of/throw away or sell.  The first is Japan-bound, the second is send-home-because-I-don’t-need-it-in-Japan-but-I’m-keeping-it. Yes, that’s how I’ve labeled my piles.  Don’t judge.

It’s a challenge for me to do this sort of thing because I like to hold onto things just incase.  You should not go through my purse… theres probably candy in there from 4 years ago… just in case! :)Within the Japan-bound pile I have that which is a guarantee that I need and am bringing. Then there’s the pile – currently on my bookshelf – of stuff that I like to call: convince-mom-to-let-me-send-to-Japan-unless-it-fits-in-my-parcel.  Very easy to understand labels are key in this process.

Then there’s school to think about.  I have about a week of classes left at Queen’s and I still need some basic items for that and general living.  Aaaaand the food cabinet.  I’ve been making odd combinations of food stuff into meals… just so I don’t send it home or throw it out.  Trying my best!

All this packing, cleaning and sorting is helping to keep my mind off of leaving all my friends and family for a year.  It’s really hard to think about how awesome Japan will be and how much work I’ll have to keep me preoccupied when I think about how unlikely it is that my important people will be able to come and visit me in Japan, no matter how convincing my theories and eyes may be.  Logic cannot win all the time… unfortunately.

Also! I have the details of my place in Japan!  They are currently renovating the unit so I don’t have pictures, But I do have a goole street view!



This is a 2 unit home so someone else lives in the other half.  It looks so cute!  I can’t wait to check out the island and the town and to meet everyone!  It’s also a little scary because I need to get familiar with the language really fast, or I won’t be able to talk to people!  Which we should all know I love to do! lol.

Also I found out my school, Iki Commercial High School, has a webpage!  I had to translate it in Google webpage translate, but still thats really neat!  Got some light airplane reading!

Anyways, I’ll try to make another post before I leave this Saturday!  In the mean time, keep cool and have a great Ribfest Weekend!!! (for me since I’ll miss it unless I eat ribs for breakfast…)



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