Hearing the News

The ice has finally cracked!  I got an enovelope in the mail yesterday! After what seems like a month, but in reality was only about 1 and a half weeks, of watching my inbox like a reptile that won’t blink (since scientifically speaking some prehistoric derived lizards don’t actually blink… Like snakes). I get a call from my mom in Toronto!  See I’m in Kingston at the moment for school, so I actually never thought to set a sentry on the mailbox at home… Silly me.  She informed me of package with some Japanese writing on it, expressed post and asked if I wanted to wait till the weekend.  No Way!!  Open it!  Tell me!  And behold!  The contract and other information lay waiting for me inside!  This is sooooo exciting!!!  Today she will scan me some of the3 documents so that I can catch up on some reading.  So far, what I know is that I’m a Prefectorial ALT in Nagasaki-ken. Some updated info, it looks like I’m in the high school division!  How exciting!  And I know how much I’ll make, but that’s for me to know and you to wonder about for all eternity! Hehe.
Stay turned for more on my Jet Journey!

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