My name”s Kayla and I wear many hats. I love trying new things, but there’re some things I can never let go; one of these things is writing! I have another webpage which I use as a portfolio, but this site seems to be more popular at this time. I’ve linked my portfolio page to this post, so please have a look!

I’ve been creating in the arts since elementary school and have learned a lot about many different art forms!

In an effort to showcase my creative endeavors I thought I would create this web page as a blog of my adventures and a means to share the stories I write online!

I studied at York University and at Queen’s University. Currently, I’m teaching English in Japan and plan to return home to Canada in 2019, though I think I’ll find it hard to leave Japan. I won’t say I’ll never come back because it truly is my second home. Love you Japan!!

I hope to one day publish and create a manga-style comic book and a novel or novel series! My friend and I are planning to edit and publish the story we are currently posting here, once I return to Canada. I’d like to share my creative works with you, so please enjoy my site and explore the many links I have attached for you to view all my artistic works.

Keep the Love!!



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