Settling into Autumn


The view from my bedroom window  in the morning.



As Autumn struggles to take its hold on Iki, I find myself looking for ways to be both cool when it feels stuffy and warm when its damp and chilly.  Dehumidifiers are a god send.  My place is a bit damp, especially when it rains.  The leaves are reluctant to change colour and fall as the temperature here is still between 16 and 26 degrees C. The other day we had a huge thunderstorm that brought 3 days of 26 degree weather and humidity.  I was back in T shirts. lol.  Then we had a days when I wake up to 10 degrees and my nose is so cold it feels like its running and I don’t want to leave the covers in my bed.


But at last, the trees are peeking with red and yellow tips.  I don’t have a picture yet, but as soon as I see them this weekend and Im not at work Ill grab one for you!

So lets go back in time for a bit and recap since my last post!

Halloween was a blast!  All week I dressed like a black cat while I taught the kids about Halloween Traditions in Canada using a Bingo game!  They thought it was great and Im sure it was probably bcuz of the chocolate candy I ordered on Amazon.  I tried to get something traditionally given out at halloween for me, so i ordered a big  bag of american mini chocolates.

My commercial high school had their Bunkasai – Cultural Festival, on the 29th of October and The students preformed many artistic shows including dances, skits and their traditional music and brass band.  I joined the band for 3 popular songs on the flute.  Greeeen was covered too, a really popular band here amongst the young people.  Their tunes are catchy.  I advertised a pumpkin carving demonstration and during the lunch hour I showed the kids and their families how to carve a kabucha pumpkin for halloween!  The principle loved it.

We had a Halloween Party at Chips, a really awesome Western Food restaurant run by our friend, Kanako!  She’s so cool!  In these Pictures she is Peter Pan!  The party was a blast!

At the Senior High school English club, we also made pumpkins!  I gave the students lessons in English and their mini gourds looked too good!

November came around and I buckled down into planning other fall lessons.  I was able to do a Thanksgiving lesson for the second and third years and a Remembrance day lesson for the third years!  It was fun, and I think a little challenging for them.  I still gotta work on my English level.


My Desk and first Bento Lunch!


This is My English Board at the Commercial high school!!

At the senior high school I was able to attend the Eki Den marathon that the students ran. This marathon is done on Friday and the students run around the entire island, starting at the main track park in Gonoura and ending back at the school.  The students ran really hard and the weather was rainy too.  They worked really hard.


EkiDen with 2 Awesome Teacher friends!

The ambassadors from Tokyo from around the world came to Iki too and my Senior high school hosted them for a Tuesday in November.  I switched school for the day and got to help them out by being moral support… but mainly a member of staff to show they had an ALT.  It was a little awkward when the ambassadors asked if they’d see me at the after party and I was like – “What?  There’s an after party?  Reception?  I was not informed.  Sorry.”  I got the feeling they wanted to talk to me.  This one guy was like, “Great job!  You didn’t say much but you were great!” Oh my.  Way to feel slightly underused.  lol.


The students did great again though!  Their entire information session about life on Iki and at their school was in English and it was pretty good!  They had 4 stations to experience Iki.  Tea Ceremony, History of Iki, Tofu and Rice ball making and Calligraphy!  Everyone had a blast!  The Band preformed and the Kendo team demonstrated heir moves!  So cool to watch!  The media  and broadcasting club showed Life on Iki through an English video they made.  Oh so exciting!  Wish I could show you!

At the Senior school I also started teaching a Show and Tell – Hobbies lesson.  The kids really enjoyed talking about themselves in English and they all did really good too! Next up is Christmas lessons.  Im planning Carolling, Christmas card writing and Ornament making!   English club at the Senior high school made christmas wreaths last week!  They students did a great job!

Started lessons in Japanese with the senior Jets on Iki and I feel they’re going well.  Got to get better so I can talk to the locals!  We also hosted our first Thanksgivings away from home!  Jesse and I prepped the Turkey and Desserts and wine while the girls took care of the veggies and salads!  It was great team work and it went off like a hit!  We had some of our Japanese friends and coworkers, and this was their first Thanksgiving experience ever! It went so well and Im so happy they had a good first time!  It was a good representation of North American culture for them!


I went to a couple craft workshops at Ikkoku Museum and had so much fun!  My friend called me picaso, cuz of all the detail I was putting into the Phemo snowmen I made!  It was kinda funny.  We made christmas ornaments and a wreath and then the next day i made Japanese style sweet crepes!  So fun!! and Sooo Oishii!


Also! My Taiko group had our first concert!  It was amazing!  We performed our Iki song and I have a recording of the entire Talent show in Ishida!  We were epic!!

Check out the videos on this Link!

At the Beginning of November I signed up for a Peace lecture for International students and foreigners living in Japan.  The lecture was hosted at the Nagasaki University in Nagasaki City.  It was a lecture on the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and was giving to help inform forge in visitors of the history of Japan in regards to nuclear war and why the fight for Peace movements.  It was a gripping lecture giving by a first hand survivor of the bombing. It was followed by a guided walk in English through the Peace Park in Nagasaki City.  My friends and I went to lunch in-between at a Japanese styled it alien restaurant. So yummy.  Then we did the walk and I followed that with a discounted visit to the bombing museum. Again, very sad and emotional.

After returning home, I saw this cool Iki poster and Video advertising all the places on Iki to go!  Man, My list is still huge!  I can’t believe how much there is to do on my Island!

I went for a beautiful walk through my neighbourhood and got some wonderful sunset shots!  And I ran into the Melon Van Man at Aeon!  Man his bread treats are good! theres also a lady inside the grocery store who sells Japanese dessert and buns like daifuku… its my weakness.. Im sorry!  I can’t not by from her!!  They’re just too delicious!!  Theres also a bakery like 1 minute walk from my front door… also a weakness, as I sit here typing, eyeing the bag of bread I just bought and have already dipped into. lol.

Well Thats all for now!  I’ll keep you posted on Christmas and my next trip to Houst ten Bosh in Sasebo next weekend!  Thats the Dutch themed Park in Nagasaki!!



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