A long-awaited turn in the road of my life has finally arrived! With much effort and support from my references and friends, I applied for the JET Programme and got through the Interview!

I got my acceptance into the JET Programme on April 4th as I was packing up my desk at the JCCC!  Why was I at the JCCC?  Good question!  I was completing my Alternative Practicum in the Moriyama Nikkei Heritage Centre, where I was developing museum activities and curriculum guides that corresponded to the current Social Studies and History curriculum! I got to work with a number of wonderful people and volunteers there and as I read this email of acceptance before shutting down my laptop I froze and gasped aloud and couldn’t get passed the 4th word!  One of my coworkers offered to read it for me and was quite amused with my reaction.  I’d never received such good news in my life!  – well, since Getting into my undergrad and teachers college program.

So this news means a very big change for me!  I’ll be teaching in japan for one year! I know I’ll miss a lot of events and milestones at home, such as my cousins getting married, my best friend from elementary school getting married and my sister having her first baby!  But, I will be the first in my generation to not only graduate from University and Teachers College but also work abroad.  There are good things in store and I hope everything is all I’ve dreamed of and more!

PS – During the Summer or 2014 I made a wish on my daruma doll. My goal was to go to Japan, whether that be on a vacation or through JET 🙂 If you want to know more about them, check out the link!


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