Here is a page for online stories which I have published.

Current projects

Presently, I have two projects on the go; The Guild – a novel-type story which is co-authored by my friend and I, and The Starfall – Tales from the Dungeons and Dragons game I recently joined. Please use the dropdown menu to navigate the chapter lists for both stories.

The Guild

A blog story my friend and I started in February! We try to write a chapter a day!
Andrei, a time jumper, and Kaitlyn, a Fire mage, learn to control their magic powers in order to thwart the Master’s plan to erase the Guardians from the world. In a time when Guardians are no longer a rank to be known in the world, these young adults discover the truth about their powers and begin to awaken to their fate. While struggling through young romance and social conflicts, they will soon discover if they have what it takes to combat evil and become true masters of their magic.

Andrei and his friends are in University, just trying to get by when suddenly magic takes the center stage in their lives. Since the age of 7, Andrei has been jumping back in time, learning through history, but this puts major kinks in his love life until he meets a powerful fire mage who is part of a magical organization called the Guild. Kaitlyn is visiting the non-magical world for the first time, seeking an old friend who’s run away, when she meets Andrei on York University’s campus. She eventually returns to the Guild with Andrei and his friends, Caroline – who also happens to have water magic, and her boyfriend, Kaede – who is really good with computers. Together, they go on daring adventures after learning about the Mysterious Master’s evil plans to destroy the Guardians forever and his obsession with Kaitlyn from her ex-friend, whose run away. Will they discover all the secrets in time to help save the Guild and it’s magical inhabitants? Or will they lose in the race against time?

The Starfall

Alamera Seign is a Pirate Captain gone Privateer, shuttling adventures across the sea for hire. She meets a group of adventurers on a quest to restore the elvin nation to their former glory and the goddess of light to power. WHat will Alamera and her crew, as well as the adventurers face as they travel together? We will find out!

Future projects

I am considering the option of including a chapter list here with embedded links, or a chapter diagram web. Perhaps even an appendix page!

I may one day edit my other works, like poetry and short fiction to post here, but at the moment, these stories and published works on on other websites like Bookrix. So please visit the portfolio tab to view my other published works.