The Starfall – A Tale from DND

Captains logs

Fishing log 3417.   

Year: 4707, Erastus Month, 27th Day. (July 27, 1274)

Bait: Ruins of Akhavak          Weather: Sunny, Calm.


The waters were rough early in the day, the fish reluctant to bite, but I coaxed them out of hiding eventually.

We made anchor once the waters calmed, by the ruins of the long forgotten Akhavak temple. Not 90ft up the land shoal did we stop for a picnic. We bayed for a long while, bickering over which bait was best, but eventually, with some luck, he Red-boy and the New-Hammer tore the lid off the can of worms. We nearly lost them to their pointy prosteriers but for their quick reflexes, they managed to evade such dangers.

With some more coaxing, I got the Shiney-Kid and the Little-Loud-Voice down in the hole with the worms and Ryuu, who took care of the coaxing like a good pet. He deserves a treat for his efforts in the dark depths of the sea. They went deep into the narrow ocean cavern, much to narrow for anyone of human size, all to find the fish we sought. We found ourselves some Yellow Tang, Scup, Sea Bream, Gobies, and couple Obtuse Barracuda and a Pearl Fish.

But the fish, they were stubborn, laying in wait for us to prod them out. They had piney defenses, the tricky bastards. Defenses that rumbled the earth and nearly thwarted the brave efforts of Shine-Kid and Little-Loud-Voice. Even with the aid of the Two-Toned-Caper, they got a little banged up.

We lost the Sea Bream and much of the Gobies but we were able to haul in the school of Yellow Tang, Scup, Obtuse Barracuda, and the Pearl Fish, though they might be difficult to eat.

Once the fish were safetly aboard the Starfall we continued our hunt into the dark depths of the ruins beneath the waves. We attempted to chart a course beneath the sunken boulder, but despite the expertise of the Two-Toned-Caper, we suffered another cave-in. We were left to brave the towering pillar. New-Hammer and Red-Boy again used their buff for such a deed as this, but it seemed not enough at first. The whole team attempted to aid New-Hammer with the mighty task. Nearly on his own, he flung the pillar asunder with a mighty yell, impressing me, of course. I almost believed him to be a hammer-wielding God.

Down we crept, 30 ft, about face, 30 ft, about face, 30 ft, about face again, until we stopped before the gates guarded by a two-headed beast of magic. A great hammerhead shark. Two-Toned-Caper broke in his face with a mighty punch and with the mighty swing of New-Hammer, we entered the vast marble halls of Calistria – Goddess of Vengeance. She looked down upon us from above with yet one last blockade.

The eight tentacles monster herself and her brethren came upon us in droves. My own silver rapiers stung and Ryuu fought valiantly from the sky as Red-Boy roared his passionate distaste from the ground. They stood not a chance against our might.

Tearing them limb from limb, all fought for their honour, Honey-Bee threw fire and Ryuu tore the ugly face from the great and powerful octopus with one last screech of victory and flung her to the ground in defeat. She was smote from her threaded kingdom.

Red-Boy wished to preserve the heirloom of his Goddess, so over the next few hours, we hauled in a net full of scholar fish. In the belly of the beast, we found the decanter of mirth, drinking of its fountain made us hilariously small and ugly for hours of glee. The Greedy-Door was quite the partier. I won’t soon forget the fun of fishing in the bay of Akhavak.

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