Iki-shi Bound

Alas the long awaited appointment arrived during class on June 23rd at around 10:15am Kingston time.  I received a friend inviting email from my predecessor in Nagasaki-Ken, informing me of my appointment on Iki island!  How exciting!  Housing is still being set up, but general information is already available in regards to my placement!

On Iki there are 2 highschools! One commercial, and one academic!  I am working in both, 3 days at the commercial high school in Gounoura and the academic school is in katsumoto!  This sounds fantastic and I cannot wait to meet everyone I will be working with and teaching!  The island looks amazing and has many shrines!  I would love to visit them all!  As well as check out the onsen’s and the Dolphin park!  Here is a page on the stats of Iki! According to there page they are famous for their locally produced black steak and beaches!  I also hear there are lots of cake shops.  If I thought I was going to lose weight on JET I am sadly mistaken, I fear.

I am looking forward to learning about the community and travelling all over and checking out the beautiful beaches. One of my goals is to attend their festivals and where kimono!  I will defiantly post picture when I can!  Keep posted!

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