new breeding strategies in frogs


The white spotted bush frogfrog (raorchestes chalazodes), thought to have been extinct for 100 years was rediscovered in the bamboo forest in the western ghats mountain range! Originally local to south India this little frog comes in at 25mm or less in length. What is unique about this little frog is that when they breed, the male stays behind to watch over the young within the hollow center of the bamboo tree until the froglets hatch.  Normally frogs need water to hatch their young but the white spotted bush frog has been able to adapt, possibly due to natural selection for the ability to hatch outside of water.  While watching over the young, the male only leaves for a few hours at night in order to eat and return to duty


This development of breeding has added one more mode of breeding strategies to then 40 previously known modes of reproduction by both frogs and toads.

Check out the study done at ochlandra reed frogs.


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