The Starfall – A Tale from DND

Bringing back Fren

I lead Keara and Boomah down to Fren’s magic lab. I hate to do this. It goes against everything I promised him. Not only did he ask me to keep everyone else out of it, he asked me specifically to keep Boomah out. I have no idea why but I respect his wishes. I guess that’s what comes when you love someone. I feel every nerve in my body screaming as I push towards the lab as they follow me.

I get to the door and fiddle with my key ring. It takes a while to find the key I need. I unlock the door and let them in. I make sure to keep an eye on them. I have no idea what he keeps. It’s wizard stuff, but Keara and Boomah certainly do. If he has something valuable, I’m sure someone might try to take it. I wouldn’t put it past the goblin.

Keara spots a smudge on the floor. “I recognize this from the vision. This is where he vanished,” she kneels down, looking at the mark on the floor.

“What do you think he was making?” I ask.

“I have no idea. I recognize these ingredients but I have no idea wha…” she stops as she studies them.

Boomah starts to laugh. “The silly wizard. I know how to bring him back. I just need to use the stuff here on the bench. Is that alright with you Captain?” she asks, a certain gleam in her eye. I don’t like how she talks bad about Fren behind his back. He is her superior officer.

“Go ahead,” I say, watching her. She starts grabbing bottles and things off the counter, mixing and stirring. She works quickly.

Suddenly, Keara stops her, grabbing her hand. “Hold up. You’re stealing. Empty your pockets!” she demands.

“What? Never? Why would I steal! I’m trying to help you,” she groans.

“You don’t need what I saw you take. Go on then. empty them,” Keara demands. I glad she spotted it.

The goblin leans in close, a snarl on her face. Suddenly and throws her hands and blathers nonsense, waving her hands in Keara’s face. “You’re the thief! And you accuse me of stealing! Can you believe her?”

I frown. “Empty yer pockets, the both of ya,” I say. I don’t have time for this nonsense.

“You better search her down real good. Get all up in there. I like a good show,” Boomah grins.

Keara makes a disgusted face. “You gross little.”

“Oh, why, thank you for the compliment, I didn’t know you felt that way,” Boomah blushes.

“Bah!” Keara shouts and complies. I’m telling I didn’t St-” She stops as she pulls out an empty bottle from her pocket. I raise a brow.

“I swear, I didn’t!” she turns on Boomah, anger in her eyes. “You did this. But it’s empty! Why would you take an empty bottle?”

“I told you I didn’t steal anything. It’s just empty,” Boomah insists.

“I saw you! Empty your pockets too,” Keara demands.

“You’re wasting precious time. I need to work quickly,” Boomah tries to stall.

“Empty yer pockets then and don’t steal anything from yer commanding officer. Get back to it!” I bark. “Or do I ‘ave to bring in Bob and Bill?” I look at them, rolling my eyes. I step out and call them in.

They make her empty everything, even her underpants before I let her continue. She mixtures a few things, making a bright acidic looking thing that smokes. Then she makes it poof and Fren appears looking dazed and confused.

I step forward, surprised. “I have… a million and one questions,” I start, “but the first one is, you be ok?” From the corner of my eye, I see the goblin rolling her eyes.

Fren looks at me and shakes his head. “Yes, I think so. I-I don’t know what happened,” he starts.

“You shouldn’t be doing stuff you don’t know,” the goblin teases. I glare hard at her. Will she not stop?

“I-I…” Fren blusters.

“What were ya tryin’ to do?” I ask, hoping I’ll understand.

He blushes and I raise a curious brow. “I was trying to make an aphrodisiac,” he whispers sheepishly.

I catch Keara turning read beside me as she covers her face with her hand. I feel an amused smile creep onto my face at his admittance. “W-why?” I ask, setting a hand on his shoulder, leaning in close. He turns redder. I like when he looks like that.

His response is rudely interrupted by Boomah’s cackling laugh. “I can’t believe it! Well, maybe if you learn from a real master, I’ll help you make one, but you could’ve just asked dummy,” she giggles. “Now, as for my lab?” she turns to me, holding out her hand.

I groan and Fren looks at me.

“What? While you were off playin’ hooky, I ‘ad to deal with this one, alone! You know what yer little accident cost me? I ‘ad to giv’er her own lab to get ya back, and to keep ‘er out of yers,” I snap.

“Sorry,” he shrinks. “It was an accident.”

“An accident? Transportation is a much more useful spell than a – an aphrodisiac! Why don’t you have Boomah teach you something useful instead,” Keara rolls her eyes. That is true. A much more useful spell. Fren shrugs.

“Do you think ya can replicate it?” I ask, wondering if it could not only be used on people but an entire ship.

He sighs, looking at the spot on the floor. “I doubt I can. I was holding these three ingredients here,” he points to the empty bowls on the counter and the shattered one on the floor, “while holding the sample of Boomah’s potion, but I wasn’t sure about the amounts and I was trying to decide which one to use when I dropped them all on the floor in surprise. That means there are at least nine different combinations not including the sample potion… which could take weeks to figure out.” He sighs regretfully. “Unless you can get her to give me the secret… There’s no way I can figure it out alone. Or, better yet. What if Boomah teaches me what was in the potion?”

The goblin laughs hysterically. “In your dreams! Not if you don’t share your lab!” she grins slyly. Fren’s lip curls in stubborn frustration. That’d be a no.

I sigh as I sift through the keys. Ahh, the perfect room. I unclip the rusty antique and pass it over, with somewhat of a reluctance. “Here, the deal. Thank you fer bringin’ the wizard back.”

“You’re welcome!” Boomah sings, sipping from the room.

I sigh with relief. “That one is gunna to be trouble,” I mumble aloud.

Keara nods before leaving.

“I’m sorry I let them into yer lab. I had to get ya back,” I say, turning back to Fren.

“I guess it was my stupid mistake,” he mumbles.

“Yer right. Twas a stupid mistake. We almost lost you and we lost valuable time because you weren’t here to recast the wind spell. How will I punish ya this time… hmm?” I shake my head, a glint in my eye.

He blushes hard. It’s good to have my Fren back.

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