Today I received the long-awaited email which informed me of where I will be living in Japan!  Now just a word on how this placement takes place.  When I initially applied I was asked if I had a preference of where I’d like to work or not, whether I preferred rural or urban areas and My top 3 choices (not necessary to fill out).

I thought to myself as I filled this out, I don’t mind where I go in Japan, as long as I’m in Japan I’m happy!  That works great in the interview too.  So I decided there may be locations where, If I was touring, I’d prefer to see over others! So in this section, I put Sapporo in Hokkaido first, Nagasaki – where my Japanese “Sister” comes from, and a place just south or Hokkaido but on the North-West end of Japan – mainly because I wanted a place with temperatures similar to Toronto.

After waiting and waiting… and waiting I got the email today.  From what I’ve gathered, your placement is determined by availability, and demand and need. Meaning, If there was a JET there before whose leaving, it’s available to you, If you have a preference I think you get looked at for that region first over those with no preference, and rural area placements are in higher demand to be filled and you’re needed there most – so bam!

Ok, I’ll get to the point!  I’m going to be staying and working as a Prefectural (this is sort of like our provinces, but they’re much smaller in Japan, that’s why there are so many of them) ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in NAGASAKI-KEN! (-ken means prefecture).  So I’ll get to visit my friends family and see her hometown and I’ll most likely be on a rotary system between a few schools in the Nagasaki school board!

Yay! So excited! Now to plan my sightseeing goals! heh

Nagasaki Japan cityscape


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