Packing for Japan

This week sets off the long and tedious process of sorting my STUFF.  I have 2 piles, well, really 3 if you count get rid of/throw away or sell.  The first is Japan-bound, the second is send-home-because-I-don't-need-it-in-Japan-but-I'm-keeping-it. Yes, that's how I've labeled my piles.  Don't judge. It's a challenge for me to do this sort … Continue reading Packing for Japan

Iki-shi Bound

Alas the long awaited appointment arrived during class on June 23rd at around 10:15am Kingston time.  I received a friend inviting email from my predecessor in Nagasaki-Ken, informing me of my appointment on Iki island!  How exciting!  Housing is still being set up, but general information is already available in regards to my placement! On … Continue reading Iki-shi Bound


A long-awaited turn in the road of my life has finally arrived! With much effort and support from my references and friends, I applied for the JET Programme and got through the Interview! I got my acceptance into the JET Programme on April 4th as I was packing up my desk at the JCCC!  Why was … Continue reading Japan!