New Updates!

Hello! I know it’s been over a year since my last update. Clearly I am terrible at maintaining connection with you, but I endeavor to try harder. So! Here it is!

Book 1 is in Beta editing! We’ve selected a few trusted friends to be the first eyes to read the semi final version of our story! We expect to collect their suggestions and comments soon and start making those last changes to the final copy before designing a cover and typesetting the book for printing. The plan is to publish in both e-book format and hardcopy – print on demand! We’re super excited for this to happen very soon. Originally, the timeline was to have it ready to print over Christmas break, before New Years, but that might have to change to some time early 2022.

Of course, I would love to open it up to one or two loyal WordPress followers of the first draft, so if you’re interested in a beta version, please PM me and let me know a bit about yourself and why you’re interested in beta-editing! I suppose that would mean you could get an exclusive mention in the front matter, not to mention if you wanted a hardcopy, we could make that a special edition, signed and include an exclusive Guild button! Yes, my cousin has a keen interest in the story too and has made a wonderful button design. I should really post a picture for incentive. Perhaps I will have to update this post with one later.

Guild Pin – main character element clock

Anywho, please stay tuned in and send you love!

With Love!

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