Nanowrimo times!

I’ve completed the challenge! It seems to get easier every time I do it. I didn’t realise how much I wrote in a month.

I love the challenge of Nanowrimo, whether it’s the camp session or the actual event in November, writing a set number of words is a great way to get my thoughts and ideas out so I can go through and sort them later.

This years challenge was to jumpstart myself into finishing the draft of my fifth book in a series I’m working on – yes, if you’ve been following my blog, The Guild is the first draft of my co-written novel series! My friend and I are currently editing it into a book format so that we can get it publish, which means the first draft may come down eventually. But thats a good thing, because that means that you’ll be getting a whole lot more story and details on Andrei and Kat in a much more refined book you can hold and love, kiss and cherish. Tehehe.

So yea, Book 5, almost done, sorta. It’s going to be a long one, but I think if you stick around till then, you deserve a long book, am I right?

Cheers to Nanowrimo, and here’s to the victor’s good health and inspirational idea’s!

Kayla West

ps, you can find me on Nano, and any other site really by searching my tagname – yukunerk!

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