The Guild – Chapter 160 – Andrei

*>* Just a warning, this chapter contains mature subject matter. Reader discretion is advised if making love is something you don’t want to read 😉 Please skip from this symbol to the second one… Though, you’ll miss an important plot point if you skip it, mwahaha.


    The torches that line the walls of the library flicker against the wall, casting eerie shadows about the common space. The place is always empty, despite Kaede’s updates. I wonder if we’re just lucky or if anyone ever really uses it but us.

    No, don’t get distracted. Stay focused.

    We sit on the plush matching couches around the centre coffee table. Ceph and Eli sit across from Kat, together on the couch. They sit in a similar fashion, elbows on their knees, both leaning forward as they watch her. I sit next to her, maybe a foot of space between us. My right leg bounces on the ball on my foot, a nervous twitch I can’t seem to dispel. All our eyes are on her holding Scoria in her hands. She wears a placid look on her face. I know she hates being the center of attention, but this time, her own actions are what have caused us all to worry.

    “So, this is the second time you have seen her eyes change like this?” Ceph asks again.

    “Yes, for me, at least,” I say, not taking my eyes off her. She glares at me as she blinks, something she doesn’t normally do. She thinks I’m talking like she’s not here, but that’s not true at all. I’m only confirming what I’ve seen. And to be frank, she’s not acting like herself, so it doesn’t feel like she’s really here.

    “And it is been during moments of intense emotion, so far as we can tell,” Ceph muses aloud. So far that would seem to be the case. I watch as her hands pet the baby dragon, running along her scales softly, lovingly.

    “Has this sort of thing ever happened to Eli before? I mean, they’re both fire. Could it be an elemental thing?” I ask them, finally managing to tear my eyes away from Kat.

    Ceph turns to Eli who simply shrugs, shaking his head. “No, I have never seen Eli’s eyes change, nor has his actions ever been over dramatic. Sure, he is more apt to defend… us when we have come into danger, but, not anything like earlier,” Ceph says. I notice the slight pause he made when using the pronoun ‘us.’ Ceph probably meant to say ‘himself’, but changed it out of habit, I’m sure of it.

    Eli nods in agreement. He doesn’t have his usual cheerfulness about him. I turn back to Kat. “I know Heath has been acting pretty strange himself lately. He’s been saying snide comments like that for a couple days now. It’s getting on my nerves. I can only imagine what the training was like before I started attending regularly,” I say. Actually, I’m a little worried to ask.

    It occurs to me then, Heath is always so quiet, so direct in taking critique in the early lessons, when I was allowed to be there. He’s never been a talker, or a bold one at that. “Heath’s been different… ever since…” I watch Kat, fingers gliding over the dragon’s back, “the dragon,” I finished abruptly.

    “What was that?” Cpeh asks, leaning closer. I didn’t realise I was whispering.

    “Oh, a few days ago, Kaitlyn said the dragon hatched. I noticed it just before… well, during the whole mess I had with my memories,” I explain briefly, not realising I had left out that detail when I’d caught Ceph up in the kitchen earlier today.

    “Right, you and Heath have been taking turns carrying the egg. I have noticed this,” Ceph comments.

    “Yes, we did,” Kat nods.

    “And when she came back from training, she had the dragon and not the egg. I was too out of my mind to really question it then,” I say with a thoughtful nod. “It’s after that that I first saw her eyes change. Do you think the dragon is responsible? Could she be having an effect on Kat?” I ask, turning my gaze down to Scoria. Her cat-like eyes study me, the red-orange irises regarding me in an unfamiliar way. Her eyes, they look oddly similar to Kat’s. I look back to Kat, my lips pressed firmly together in worried thought.

    “It’s not her fault,” Kat snaps, her pupils turning to slits. “She’s just a baby.”

    Ceph holds up a finger. “But that is the thing, is it not? You have never had a hatchling before, not from an egg. This is different. Have the other dragons affected you in this way?” he asks.

    “She’s not doing anything!” Kat growls at him.

    “That is not what Ceph asked you,” I frown, watching her expression. “Have the other dragons made you feel like this before?” I repeat.

    Her eyes shift to me without her head moving. It’s a little creepy. “No,” she finally answers.

    “So perhaps it has something to do with this dragon,” Ceph says, turning to Eli. “What do you think?”

    Eli taps his chin. “When you say the egg hatched… How did it hatch? Was it on its own, or did you do something?” he asks her, a strange curiosity on his face.

    She stares back at him with a blank expression. “I helped, of course.”

    “How?” I ask her, a feeling of intense interest growing in my chest. “How did it happen? I’ve… never seen a dragon hatch. Kaede would probably have killed to see that. Can you tell us?” I ask, my words coming out all in one breath.

    She looks down at the dragon now curled into a ball on her lap. “I gave her heat, I gave her my energy. I took her high up, away from that human,” she sneers in disgust. “I called the young ones and they came, calling out to her with encouragement. When the egg was too much, they broke it away.” The way she talks about it changes and it no longer sounds like her. I become a little frightened. This isn’t Kat talking.

    “Human? What human?” Ceph presses. I’m surprised he’s not concerned about the way she said it! Isn’t that more important?

    She frowns deeply. “The dark-haired one.”

    Ceph nods slowly. “Heath? The one you threw today?” he asks.

    She looks up with a smile. “Yes, that one.” Her look concerns me. What’s happening to Kat? It’s almost like… the way Heath has been changing too, I just don’t know what to think.

    “Can you tell us why? Why did you need to take the egg away from him? Was he… posing a threat?” Ceph asks.

    “All humans are a threat to us,” she replies bluntly.

    “Us, curious. Who is us?” Ceph pushes. My eyes grow wide with shock.

    “Isn’t that obvious?! She thinks she’s a dragon!” I spin to Kat. “You’re not a dragon Kat. You’re a human with a bit of dragon blood! Why are you acting like this?!” My heart races as my voice rises in panic.

    Her head tilts, eyes round and her face blank. “Who are you to tell me what I am?”

    “What’s happened to you? You’re not Kat anymore,” my voice falters as I stare into her eyes. I feel… I don’t know what it is, like… she’s so different, I don’t recognize her. She doesn’t even recognize me! “Kat wouldn’t talk like this,” I whisper, more hurt than anything. She looks back at me like she didn’t hear me, or maybe just doesn’t care.

    I turn to Ceph and Eli with a frown. “How can we make her normal again? We can’t understand anything if she’s going to speak like she’s a dragon and not Kat,” I growl.

    Ceph looks at Eli as if their eye contact could share thoughts. “There was another dragon here, right? One that looked human, like Aevraig in our time?” Ceph asks. “Perhaps we can ask her,” he suggests. We all agree just as Nik walks into the library. I look up, and I’m sure my face must look horrible for his jaw clenches at my sight.

    Nik grimaces. “That doesn’t look like good news.”

    “We need to find Rose. Kat’s not talking like herself. She’s acting like a mother dragon,” I say as we stand.

    “Mother dragon, huh?” Nik hums. “Well, that’s not something you hear every day.”

    Kat stands up, cradling the young dragon. “I know where she is.”

    I raise a questioning eyebrow at her. “And how do you know that?” I ask.

    She walks around the couch and starts heading for the library doors. “I know,” she says as we follow her out. She leads us through the Guild and out the front into the fields. I watch as she glances up at the little dragonlings hunting small prey like mice in the field and birds.

    I never thought her dragon blood would have such an effect on her. It’s shaken me more than I thought it would. I hate that I feel so uncertain about it, but I guess I never expected her to change. Is this how she felt… when I was stuck between my memories of France and the present? Was she just as confused and scared as I feel now? Probably.

    In the center of the field where the little dragons are flying around, I see Blue. Next to him is a woman and I recognize her short curly brown hair and pink dress, right out of the 1940s. Rose.

    The woman turns as though she’s been called, but no one has spoken. Her gaze lands on Kat and she smiles wide. “My dear! What a lovely surprise!” she holds out her arms as Kat jogs toward her.

    “I’m sorry, I should have come to see you sooner,” Kat says as she wraps her arms around the dragon woman, Rose.

    “Oh?” Rose seems surprised. “About the new hatchling? Come on, show us then. Blue told me all about it.”

    Kat steps back, pulling Scoria off her shoulder. “Her name is Scoria. What do you think?”

    “How interesting,” Rose hums, stroking the baby’s head. “To name a young one such a thing before it comes into its element. Quite unusual, but I suppose it doesn’t matter. I am glad to see it was able to hatch at all.”

    “Yes, well, about that,” I interrupt them, both their eyes turning to me. I hesitate momentarily before continuing with what I have to say. “Ever since she hatched it with Heath, she’s been acting strange. Her eyes have changed and she’s… moody.” That’s the best I can describe it. “I’m worried. Just an hour ago she threw Heath against the wall for saying something, which, in our opinion, was a little over dramatic. Do you know what’s going on with her?” I ask pointedly.

    Rose hums, looking down at Kat, Scoria, Blue, and back to Kat. It’s almost like they’re communicating. Rose looks down at Blue again, nodding. “I see. I feared this might happen.”

“What?! What’s happening!” I freak out. Why can’t people just say what they need to say! I’m tired of the mystery!

    Rose places a hand on Kat’s shoulder. “Calm yourself, child. It is nothing harmful, but rather quite natural. The blood of our kind awakens in time of need and in this case, the need to preserve the species. Young dragon mothers can be… erratic and overprotective of their young. Now, I realise the little one is not hers, but as far as her dragon blood is concerned, it may as well be and she will protect it as such.”

    “But none of us would harm the dragon. She doesn’t need to be so protective of it as to hurt us,” I cross my arms angrily. “Heath’s been knocked out cold! How do we…” I wave a hand at her, gesturing to all of her, “turn it off?” I ask.

    Rose hums. “Perhaps she felt a threat from the boy that you are unaware of? In my experience, which, granted, this has not happened to a human before, it will wear off when she no longer feels threatened.”

    “How in the world would Heath be threatening her? She’s his teacher. Other than his snide comments lately, he’s not done anything that I know of to threaten her or the dragon. He’s always… playing with it and feeding it,” I retort. “Who named the thing anyway? Isn’t Scoria another word for lava?” I ask Kat.

    “Yes,” she nods. “He suggested it.”

    Rose sighs. “The threat does not need to be real to be perceived.”

    “If they were watching the egg together, they are practically both its parents. He’s named the bloody thing. How can she possible perceive him as a threat? You’re not making any sense,” I glower.

    “He is not one of us,” Rose answers simply. “I don’t know all of the facts, or what happened between them. I can only tell you my experience with young dragons.”

    “Make it stop, then!” I demand.

    “Andrei,” Ceph places a firm hand on my shoulder, pulling me back to reality. I look up at him, the anger still burning in my chest. “That is not necessarily possible. Perhaps it would be best to keep the two apart for a while,” he says simply.

    “I don’t believe that is likely to work,” Rose frowns. “I don’t believe the boy has much to do with it. I would keep an eye on the triggers in the coming days if it continues. Perhaps it will simply stop.”

    I scoff. “A whole lot of help you’ve been. Just watch. Easy for you to say,” I growl at her.

    “If you would rather I deal with it, then you can go. Leave Kaitlyn with me,” Rose huffs. “I would gladly look after my dear granddaughter.”

    “I don’t want to stay with you,” Kat says suddenly, blinking a few times as if coming out of a trance. “Why can’t I stay with Andrei?” I turn to her, a glimmer of hope in my heart.

    “Kat? Is that you?” I ask with uncertainty.

    She frowns. “Who else would I be?”

    “Well… for one, your dragon motherly self,” I say, taking a step toward her.

    She thinks for a moment, her eyes falling to the ground. “Oh…”

    “Kat,” I reach my hand out to her, my worry overcoming my anger. I want to hold her, I’m just… concerned about her dragon blood and how it might react, especially if I don’t know what she might consider a threat. I reach for her shoulder, pulling her into a hug. I exhale a sigh of relief. I guess I do just have to watch and see. I hate that though. I want to do something. I don’t like watching and waiting.

    “I’ll watch her, as long as you think of a way to help her. Watching can’t be your only solution,” I frown at Rose.

    Rose tilts her head, a sympathetic smile on her pink lips. “Andrei, dear, this is not a disease or something curable. This is her blood – my blood. It has always been there, and always will be there.”

    “But it changes her. She’s not her when it… whatever you wanna call it… activates, or something,” I pout angrily.

    “Yes,” Rose nods. “I will give it some thought, but I make no promise.”

    I chew on her response then nod my understanding. “Fine,” I say with finality. I turn to Kat, tilting her chin up with my finger so I can see her eyes. “What should we do then, hmm? Training’s out, since, well, since Heath’s out,” I glance to the side as I speak, pointing out the obvious.

    She blushes. “Oops…”

    “Well, if you have nothing else to do, Eli and I were thinking of departing,” Ceph interjects.

    “What? Now?” I turn. I mean, I knew it was coming, but so soon? I’m kinda used to them being around. Seems like ages ago that they just appeared in our room that morning. I blush at the thought.

    “Yes, it has been a while now and we should be getting back. But, if your friend’s test works on the box-thing he gave me, perhaps we will be able to talk. If not, I will write a letter or something to that effect and leave it in a place I know you will find it,” Ceph smiles affectionately. I’m going to miss his advice. He’s… helped me a lot in the past month, what with magic and personal matters.

    “It was great to see you again,” I smile sadly, releasing Kat from my embrace and extending my hand to shake Ceph’s.

    Ceph looks at it curiously and then bats it to the side, grabbing my shoulder and pulling me into a full hug. “I will miss you too, Andrei. You are a good time mage. Take care of yourself. Watch out for your partner and keep an eye out for trouble. You are still young. We would not want all that training to go to waste,” he sniffs. The smell of his leather coat filling my nose as I try to breathe in his arms. It’s strange, being this close to a man for so long. It’s a little uncomfortable really. I begin to wonder when he’ll let me go.

    “Come here, Sis. I’m starting to feel left out!” Eli laughs. Kat squeaks as she’s picked up and spun around. Ceph finally releases me and we both watch, chuckling as Eli expresses himself as usual. This time, it seems neither of us tries to stop him.

    Kat’s hair, despite being pulled back in a ponytail, billows out behind her. Together, they look like a swirling tornado of fire with their matching fire-toned hair. When Eli finally puts her down, she stumbles a bit till her balance comes back. She smiles at him shaking her head.

    “Well, Andrei, Kat. If there is anything you need, you know where to find us. Well, maybe. I can not guarantee I will be in that time, but you can try,” Ceph smiles at us, taking Eli’s hand in his. I’ve never seen him be affectionate before in front of others, but now, he holds Eli’s hand in the same way I hold Kats, one hand on top of the other, cupping his fingers over his. It’s not how one would do a jump with just anyone.

    Ceph looks down at Eli with a small smile. “Are you ready?” he asks gently.

    “Back to boring old Camelot,” Eli sighs but gives him a cheeky smile.

    “I know, you much prefer it here when you can see me embarrass myself in front of everyone,” Ceph frowns in a joking manner.

    Eli winks at him. “Oh, but I love to embarrass you myself,” he leans over, kissing Ceph’s cheek.

    Ceph turns red in the face, bringing a hand to his cheek trying to hide the evidence. “Yeah, and you do that really well, no matter what time we’re in,” Ceph retorts.

    Eli laughs, looking at me. “It’s hard to resist when they’re so cute, right?”

    I glance beside me at Kat and smile knowingly. “Yea. It’s hard,” I agree.

    She pouts, slipping her hand into mine. “Don’t encourage him, Eli.”

    I chuckle, smiling at Eli. “Maybe it’s too late,” I wink at him.

    “Yeah?” Eli wiggles his brows. “Let’s see which one turns redder.”

    “Alright,” I smirk, turning to Kat and kissing her on the lips. I graze them with my tongue, hesitant to pull away to see who’s become redder with embarrassment.

    Eli watches and grins. When I pull away from Kat, her cheeks are bright pink and Eli turns to Ceph. He grabs Ceph by the collar, pulling him into a kiss as he turns, dipping Ceph in front of him like a scene out of a cheesy romantic movie.

    My smile splits into a toothy grin as Ceph goes a shade of red I didn’t think was even possible. Being so much taller than Eli, I would have thought him to be the one dipping Eli, not the other way around. I hold a hand to my face as I bite back a chuckle. Kat blushes harder, apparently more embarrassed for Ceph than herself.

    When Eli pulls Ceph back up it seems Ceph is at a loss for words. His jaw works behind closed lips and he seems to be in deep shock. It’s too hilarious. My laugh escapes and I extend my hand rewardingly to Eli. “Congratulations. You win,” I smile.

    Eli pulls me into a quick hug and laughs. “You gotta try harder. Next time I see you, we’ll play again, and I better see her turn purple!”

    I laugh, cut off by Ceph. “Next time? I do not think this should happen again,” he says a little shakily.

    I glance over at Kat with a smirk. I may not be that experienced but I know a challenge when I see one. “You got yourself a deal,” I say excitedly.

    Eli nods, grinning. “Alright dear. Let’s get going.”

    “Dear?” Ceph asks, taking Eli’s hand.

    “Darling?” Eli raises an eyebrow, struggling not to laugh.

    “That’s worse,” he pouts. Eli snickers. Ceph continues to pout as the sparks appear around them. He says something to Eli, but I can’t make it out as they seem to fade into the timescape. In about a heartbeat, they’re gone, the grass where they had been standing, dented from their weight, but empty.

    I exhale sadly, already missing them and the funny way Eli picks on Ceph. They just seem so cute. I wish Kat and I could be so care-free. I wonder if they ever had problems like ours, other than that time Ceph told me about not telling Eli about his magic.

    I sigh again, turning to Kat. “So, our room?” I ask. I wonder what else there is to do, other than deciding whether to move into our mom’s apartment for us or not. Her cheeks are still a little pink from before they left.

    “Sure,” she nods. I realise Nik is not around anymore. I wonder when he left. We say our goodbyes to Rose and I decide it’s worth the magic to space skip. We take a step and we’re in the room.

    Before I have time to think, Kat’s hand slips out of mine and I feel her body press against my chest. Caught off guard, I stumble back into the dresser as she follows. Her hands grip the sides of my shirt and she presses her lips against my neck. I shiver at her touch, surprised by her sudden forwardness. She’s never been the first one to act… Never. I tilt my head back, spying the little dragon on the dresser before I close my eyes, my thoughts becoming consumed by her touch.

    Her lips pull away and her hands slide under the bottom of my shirt. “Show me, Mr. Hero, just how much you love me,” she cooes playfully.

    I strangle a laugh. “What? What’s this all of a sudden?” I ask, squirming beneath her fingers as they crawl up my chest. She’s really good at this, my breath quickens as I become excited.

    She shrugs, pushing my shirt up for me to take off. “The training earlier was a lot of fun, but, not quite enough,” she pauses as she tosses my shirt across the room, her lips finding my collarbone. “I want something more.”

    “More? How so?” I breathe, my hands roaming up her arms as they pin me to the dresser. My chest heaves with her kisses, my collarbone tingling where her lips brush. I’ve never seen her this eager for me before. It’s turning me on.

    “More of you,” she sings. “We’ve had fun before, but I thought, maybe it’s about time to show you real passion.”

    My eyes widen and I look down at her, amber eyes looking up at me with a hunger in them. “Real passion?” I squeak. If our previous sessions haven’t been ‘real’ passion, I find myself a little scared to know what her real passion could surmount to. I swallow nervously, strangely aroused by her statement.

    “Enough questions,” she growls, her hands sliding up to my jaw. “Don’t think, kiss me and let your body guide you.”


    I hesitate, not sure if I can not think like she wants me to. I close my eyes as her lips find mine and I slide my hands around her shoulders, one cupping the base of her neck, the other tracing the edge of her collarbone. I feel my hips respond in kind to hers as she presses against me. I let out a ragged breath when she parts her lips and I feel her slide her tongue into my mouth.

    I become spellbound, my blood pounding in my ears in time with the ever-present ticking. I slide a hand to the bass of her shirt, gathering the edge if it in my fingers and pulling it up over her chest. She lifts her arms as I one-handedly remove her shirt. I hardly wait before I find her lips again, our tongues entwined. I expertly unfasten the back of her bra and it falls away between us, dropping to the floor. My hand then wraps around her back, feeling the contours of her muscles with my fingertips with both admiration and adoration.

    I shiver at her touch as her hands slide down my chest and she pulls away just enough to reach my belt buckle. It’s incredible how easily she unfastens it along with the button of my jeans, all with one hand. I moan in surprise when she slides her hand down the front of my boxers. Her hand is hot to the touch and just as arousing as her forwardness tonight. I bite my lip, fighting the growing moan in my chest that threatens to escape as she hands me. I’ve never felt like this before.

    Her lips pull away leaving a trail of kisses along my neck, down my chest, and across my stomach while at the same time pulling my jeans and boxers down past my thighs. I kick them off along with my shoes as she continues down my past my waist with her kisses. I expect her to stand now that I’m free of the pants, but instead, she kneels in front of me, hands on my hips. I look down with a questioning look when the most intense sensation follows, sending a shiver through my entire body as she takes me between her lips. I had no idea this could feel so amazing! I melt in her mouth as her lips and tongue caress me down there.

    I arch my neck back with the pleasure, unable to hold in the ecstasy in. I instinctively rest a hand on her head, combing my fingers through her hair. I hover on the edge of a gentle touch and giving into the sensation to hold her closer against me. My knees shake and I groan loudly.

    “Kat…” I shudder, calling her name, but she doesn’t respond. “Kat…” I repeat. I’m getting close. But what about her?

    The pressure builds as her pace quickens and I struggle to hold back from the brink. “Kat, I’m gonna…” I say horsley. I can’t believe she’s only used her hands and mouth to bring me this far. I try again, to call her attention but she ignores me, intensifying her actions, and sure enough, I reach my peak. I let out a ragged moan as she slows, slowly pulling away and standing up, a wicked delightful smile on her face as she licks her lips.

    I stare at her, breath heaving in my chest, utterly shocked. “Oh my God… Kat. That was… It was… Amazing!” I can’t find a good enough word to describe what I felt. I’ve never felt anything like it before.

    She grins, leaning forward to press her breasts against me. “We’re just getting started, my love,” her eyes sparkle as her fingers twine through my hair and pulls my face down so my lips meet hers. How is that even possible? I’ve already climaxed. How long would it take for me to be ready for another? I kiss her, my scent strong on her lips. My groin tingles for more. I pull away and glance down, surprised. So soon? No way!

    “What’s wrong?” Kat’s voice draws my attention again. “You’re still thinking too much. Let go, Andrei. I want to see what you can do,” she pulls my head toward her, her hot breath on my ear as she whispers. “I want you to make me scream.”

    I let out a strangled gasp. I’m not sure how… I… With trembling hands, I grab her by the waist and drive her backward onto the bed. I fall on top of her, hands braced on the bed to keep from crushing her. She wears an expectant look on her face, but also, slightly amused. I slide her up so her hips rest on the edge of the bed, and bend down.

    Try not to overthink it, Andrei. She said not to think. Don’t think. My ticking hums excitedly, faster than a regular clock as I couch at the edge of the bed and spread her legs. Even down here she’s beautiful, clean shaven, and pale.

    Don’t think, I remind myself as I lean in for a kiss.

    I feel her writhe with pleasure as I kiss her there, muscles twitching in reaction to my movements. She moans, like music to my ears. It encourages me to keep going, to explore. I search with my tongue, listening to her breathing and her moans as they grow louder. Then I find the best spot. The taste is unlike anything I’ve experienced, but oddly addicting too. I’m surprised just how much I’m enjoying this too. Her scent is overpowering as I let my tongue do the work.

    “Andrei… I want all of you,” she combs her fingers through my hair, making me shiver.

    I pull away, licking my lips. “All of me?” I smile, running my hands over her thighs as I move to stand over her. As her face glows beneath me I lean down to rub my nose against hers affectionately, positioning myself. “Are you…” I stall until I know where I am. “… Sure?” I ask as I enter her.

    “Yes!” she gasps. “Show me how much you love me.” Her lips curl like a cat’s.

    “As you wish, M’Lady,” I say softly in her ear as I sync with the rhythms of her hips and move to the sounds of our harmonious moans. I get lost in the symphony, losing track of time, a rarity for me.

    “More,” she wraps her hands around my back, pulling me closer. “I know you can move faster than that, Andrei,” she taunts. “Show me.”

    I growl excitedly, her drive urging me on so I give in her to demands, letting go. I feel her passionate heat between us, and I let all my restraining worries fall away. The ticking syncs with us, and I’m unsure whether I’m using magic or not. I don’t really know because… I’m not thinking. A heat blossoms in my chest like I’ve never felt before; a gentle warmth that seems to embrace me, covet me. I sense serene happiness coming from this heat and I let it wash over me.

    I slowly become aware that her body is no longer burning to my touch, or at least, it doesn’t feel like it is. There’s no way she’d lose her heat in all this, is there? The warmth inside me gives off an overwhelming sense of desire and adoration, and a quick glance reveals that we both seem to be glowing with a mixture of each other’s magical aura. I smile with bliss as I recognize what the heat is in my chest. I’ve never felt this before, but somewhere, deep in my mind, I know it’s her. It’s her fire, inside me, warming me. Protecting me.

    Her voice fills the room with the sound of my name just as she had asked of me. It’s euphoric to know that I can give her so much pleasure. I can’t believe I’ve been holding back for so long!

    “Kat, together?” I ask, breathing heavily. “You ready?”

    “Yes,” she answers with a ragged breath.

    I follow the rhythms, giving into the overwhelming sensation that together we create, bringing us to climax like never before. I let out a shuddering sigh as I lower myself onto the bed beside her, barely sweating to my surprise. We hardly have the energy to move as we lay there, staring into each other’s eyes. I yearn to ask her about the fire, and about the feeling I felt, but I must catch my breath first.


    “You never cease to amaze me, Mr. Hero,” Kat smiles, rolling onto her stomach and laying her hand on my chest.

    “Me? Surely you mean you,” I assure her, beaming from ear to ear. “Did you… feel anything different?” I ask curiously.

    “Yes,” she giggles. “I could hear it, the time.”

    “Really? You could? I could feel the fire too, and… you felt normal to me, like, not on fire!” I say excitedly.

    Her eyes widen with shock. “Really?”

    “Yeah…” I sigh. “I didn’t think it was possible! Could we just be imagining it?” I ask in disbelief.

    She pauses, eyes drifting as though listening to something. “No, you weren’t. It was worried, afraid to hurt you again.”

    “The fire was worried? But… I… I didn’t get hurt. I couldn’t feel it, really! It’s like it was a part of me. It was very strange,” I muse.

    She nods. “I know. It somehow knew how to do that, how to keep you from being burnt, but I don’t know how. It doesn’t seem to know how to explain.”

    For a brief second, Ceph and Eli come to mind, but I’m not sure why. I try not to dwell on it as I turn my attention back to her. “The time it was excited. Could you feel that?” I ask.

    She snickers. “Oh yes, I definitely could.” I smile, happily. I still can’t wrap my head around it all. I close my eyes, content to drift off as I am, laying next to her.

    “Don’t leave me,” I whisper as I feel myself give in to the exhaustion. “I love you, Kat.”

    “I love you more. I could never leave you,” she shifts to lean her head against my shoulder.  

By Kayla West

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