The Guild – Chapter 141 – Kaitlyn

Warning – This chapter contains mature subject matter. If you find it uncomfortable to read, please skip from this symbol !*! to this symbol *_* Enjoy!

    My body aches, sitting on the edge of the pool, feet still floating in the water. I thought I was in pretty good shape, but just trying to stay afloat is more of a workout than I expected it to be. Maybe it’s because I’ve been slacking in my training for the last few months. There’s been so much going on, there’s just no time.

    At least the fire has calmed down a bit now that I’m mostly out of the water. The kettle screaming noise gave me a headache. It’s quiet now, sitting next to him. He radiates heat like nothing I’ve seen before. I find it soothing after being in the freezing water.

    Heath speaks, his deep voice almost monotone. “Pretty scary, right? You feeling okay?”

    I tilt my head to look up at him curiously. “It’s scary in the moment, but I wasn’t too worried. You guys were right there the whole time, after all,” I muse, thinking back to earlier. I woke up not in Andrei’s arms, but his. He was so warm that I almost forgot we were in the water. The fire was quiet then too. Calm. I guess it was being close to its related element that made it feel safer.

    “That’s good. I guess, if you have those close to you, it’s better,” he says, slouching on the edge next to me, staring out at the pool.

    “I meant physically,” I laugh. “It’s a lot less scary if there are a couple strong guys there who can pull me out when I do something stupid, like slip. It’s even better if one of them is fire-proof.”

    The corner of his lips twitch again in that almost smile. “So it keeps saying,” he whispers. I

    “It?” I repeat, confused. What’s he talking about?

    “Ahh… I mean, nothing. It’s nothing…” he shrinks. “I’m glad I could make you feel at ease. That’s all.”

    “Right…” I hum. “I think the fire was happy that you were there too. It’s hard to tell, cause it doesn’t really speak, but it doesn’t freak out so much when you’re around. I wonder if it’s the warmth or something,” I kick my feet back and forth lazily in the water. It’s calm now too, just a slight hiss in the back of my mind.

    “Your fire doesn’t speak?” He asks curiously. “Since coming here, I’ve heard this voice in my head. It’s annoying and invasive. I kind of hate the things it says,” Heath explains.

    I glance up at him. “From what I understand, it’s normal to hear them, especially for Guardians. I don’t know why, but mine has never really spoken much. I thought it just wasn’t capable, until recently. It’s like a toddler learning words for the first time.”

    Heath laughs an actual wholesome laugh. It’s kind of heartwarming to see him getting more comfortable. “That’s interesting. I wish this voice I hear was like that. It’s more like a sleazy businessman or something. Keeps trying to get me into trouble. Likes to talk philosophy.”

    “What kind of philosophy does a sleazy businessman have?” I giggle. “Do you know many to compare it to?”

    “Not at all. I guess… that’s just how I picture him if he had a face,” he says, looking up at the lights. “It views the world as a bunch of grey rather than an extremist; good and evil. It thinks people delude themselves. A load of stupid confusing things like that. Sometimes I don’t get what it’s saying, other times, I disagree with it, and sometimes…” he seems to grow quiet as he continues. “It points out the painfully obvious.”

    I study the far off look on his face. What kind of things has it been saying? It seems like he’s not willing to talk about specifics. I lean back on my hands and look out at the others, splashing and laughing in the water. “Isn’t it funny how all the elements seem to have their own personality? I wonder if they’re always the same, or if it changes based on the Guardian.”

    “Hmm? I don’t know if funny is the right word. I’ve never thought of that before, though. What are the others like?” he asks, intrigued.

    “Caroline says hers is really vague and sort of poetic,” I recall the trip to Africa. “Andrei’s doesn’t speak either, it’s just like a constant ticking… Nik hasn’t really talked about it much, he said when he asks a question, he gets a pretty straightforward answer, and Hitomi apparently has a guardian spirit only she can see. Well, her and Selene.”

    “Really? Wow. They really are very different. Could they always hear it, or only since coming here?” he seems quite interested in the idea.

    I chew the inside of my lip. “Um… I know Andrei did. Caroline didn’t know she had magic before we met. Nik was already a Guardian when we met, and I think Hitomi could hear and see hers before she was awakened. I’m not really sure about anyone else.”

    “Wow, it’s so… interesting. There’s so much I didn’t know, growing up alone and dealing with life shit and stuff. Wish I’d met you sooner,” he glances at me, a smile in his eyes.

    I laugh bitterly. “I’m actually kind of surprised we didn’t. Usually, when someone is so clearly gifted, the Guild is quick to track them down. I suppose being tossed around through different systems made it more complicated,” I ramble absently, my mind wandering. “It would have been nice though. A lot of things would have been different.”

    “Yeah. Could have been different,” Heath nods slowly.

    I glance over to the deep end with the sound of yelling. The boys take turns jumping into the water, trying to create the biggest splash. Andrei tries using his magic to cheat, but Kaede is having none of it. I roll my eyes. He’s such a sore loser.

    “I wonder if Logan would have been afraid of you,” I sigh. Wait. Did I say that out loud?

    “Logan? Afraid of me? Why?” he raises an eyebrow.

    I blush, staring down at the water. “No reason, just a passing thought.”

    “No, I understand. Everyone’s been scared of me ever since I got this lava in me. I didn’t have any friends, so I sort of just… shut people out. I’m surprised the others here aren’t more… scared,” he looks down into the water, pushing his feet out away from the wall and back again.

    “They’re kind of used to the risk already,” I grin guiltily. “But that wasn’t really what I meant.”

    “Oh? Then, will you tell me what you did mean?” he looks to me, hopefully.

    I avoid meeting his gaze directly. “If you’d come here years ago, I wonder if Logan would have been afraid of you. I mean, he apparently kept everyone else at bay by telling them I was dangerous and would burn them, but I doubt that would have worked with you, being lava.”

    “Sounds like the jealous sort, trying to keep you all to himself,” Heath smirks.

    “He was jealous. Violently so.” I groan at the memory.

    “I doubt that would have scared me though. I’m sure we would’ve found out sooner or later that we couldn’t harm one another.” Heath watches me closely, his dark eyes almost gleaming with the reflection of the pool.

    I turn away.  “Oh well. I guess it doesn’t really do any good to daydream about what could have been, huh?” I scratch my cheek, hoping to carve away some of the colour. Entertaining though it may be to imagine Heath stepping in and melting Logan when we were young, it’s probably not healthy to think about.

    He sighs beside me. “I guess not. Not like we can change what happened or what we are,” his shoulders slouch, and he taps his tinted fingers on his shorts in a wave.

    “No,” I shrug. “But still. It’s sort of comforting, in a weird way.”

    “Heh, if only we could change it though, go back and fix things?” he glances down from the corner of his eye.

    I purse my lips. I can’t help wondering… “What do you think you’d have done if you were here?”

    “If someone had found me sooner? Living in this place? Well… Maybe I wouldn’t be such a loser. I doubt the people bully you here, calling you a pyro every time something melts. And… I suppose there’s the possibility that… I would have met you first. We could have been friends maybe, or something… more. Being of a similar element seems like we would have had something in common to understand each other’s issues, not like others.”

    I lean forward, resting my hands on the edge of the pool, clutching the stones. “Not everyone here is entirely understanding, but it would have been nice. I’ve been the only gifted fire-type mage the entire time I’ve been here, other than my mentor. Given my tendency to lose control, they had plenty of reason to be afraid. Even now, I don’t know how much of that was genuine, and how much was just what Logan told me, and I believed.”

    He chuckles. “You seem to have more control than he gave you credit for. You don’t seem at all scared of your fire. Not like me. I’m downright terrified. All I’m known is pain and destruction when it comes to my heat. The more I think about it, the more out of control I become. At least, that’s what it was like in school, for me. I’m still scared, in a way, because I didn’t know about all this. I suppose if I knew magic was real and what I had back then, I wouldn’t have been so out of control. I feel like it’s closely linked to my emotions, and not knowing magnifies it somehow.”

    “That’s true,” I nod. “I was afraid all the time. I used to wear these enchanted gloves to suppress the magic just so I could hold things without destroying them.” I chuckle, thinking back to those days. It feels like so long ago. “It wasn’t until I met them that I got past that, honestly. They were so determined to be my friends, and I still have no idea why.”

    “I wish I’d had gloves like that,” he mumbles softly. He’s quiet for a moment before he continues. “I wonder if the others have similar experiences. It seems like having friends may be a good thing after all,” he stares out at the others, swimming and laughing.

    “Yeah, it’s not so bad,” I snicker, watching his thoughtful expression. “I’m still curious though. Do you think…” I struggle to get the words out, “Do you think you would have stopped him? I mean, it wasn’t hard to tell, really. Most people pretended not to see. I wonder what you’d have done.”

    “Stop Logan? If I knew… I’d have intervened,” he blushes. “For sure.”

I can’t help the stupid grin on my face. “I would’ve like to see that.”

    He turns to me, an intense look on his face. “You… would?”

    “Is that weird?” I raise my brows. Was that too far?

    “No… No, not weird. Just… I’ve always scared others away, especially girls. I’m not used to all this, all this sharing. Maybe… maybe there’s still a chance … for us,” he whispers. “To be friends,” he adds quickly.

    I keep the stupid grin as I turn to look up at him. “I think of you as a friend, but I understand if you don’t yet. Maybe…” I pause to think, “Maybe, when you do, you’ll call me Kat. Yeah, that’d be nice.”

    A sad expression grows on his face. “I doubt I’d make much of a good friend, but… I suppose it’d be nice to try,” the sadness fades and he gives me a small smile. “Kat, you say?”

    My heart flutters at the sound of it. I don’t know why it makes me so happy, but the familiarity of a nickname is soothing. My cheeks flush again and I nod. “Yep, just like that.”

    “I can try, boss,” he smirks.

    I pout. “Well, now it just sounds like I’m ordering you to do it and that’s no fair.”

    “I didn’t mean it like that, sorry. I’m just… bad with words. Did you… want to swim at all? We could stay in the shallow end,” he suggests, trying to change the topic.

    I sneer at the water and narrow my eyes at him. “Only if you stay really close. I can’t trust that I won’t fall or something and I really don’t wanna listen to the screaming in my head.”

    “I can do that,” he hides a smile, watching me as he slips in. He visibly shivers as the water comes up to his chest. He holds up his arms and I place my hands on his shoulders as his hands grip my waist.  They hold me up while I slide into the water, which is a little too deep for me to stand. He turns away from the wall, walking slowly up to the shallows. I stare down into the water and watch the bottom get closer until I feel it under my toes. He walks further until I can stand comfortably.

    I let my hands slide down as his slip away from my waist. They hover in the water as though waiting for me to spontaneously fall. I rest my hands on his forearms. “So… what do people usually do in these things?” I ask, glancing at the group in the other end. Kaede and Andrei splash the girls and Caroline yells at them, creating a wave that washes over them and pushes them under. None of that looks fun, in my opinion.

    “Pretty much what they’re doing. Sometimes float around in blow up rings, or tossing a ball. Chatting and staying cool. At least, from what I’ve seen of swimming pools,” he explains, not bothering to look over at the others. “I used to swim before I got the magic.”

    I look up to meet his dark blue eyes. “Sounds boring, don’t you think?”

“Yea, I agree,” his lips twitch.

I glance at the group again, a smirk on my face. “What if we just sneak away? How long do you think it would take them to notice?”

    “Hmm, hard to say. If we move discreetly, they might not notice,” his eyes shift, watching their movements. “They do seem pretty distracted.”

    I raise my eyebrows, the excitement of playing a trick on the others is too much to resist. “Shall we?”

    He nods, slowly stepping towards the wall, toward the towels. “They might notice your bikini… we should hide it. I’ll grab the towels and the egg.”

    I definitely turn as red as the fabric. “Is it that bad? Oh man… Okay, but you can’t leave me here,” I grab his hand, following behind him.

    “Right. Stand by the wall. I’ll be quick, and I won’t take my eyes off you. Promise,” he stares at me with his eyes half shaded by a lock of his dark drying curly hair.

    I grab onto the edge of the wall, “You need to see where you’re going, silly. I can hold on here for a minute.”

    “Right,” he says, a look of embarrassment on his face. He pushes himself out, trotting over to the wall. He grabs two of the towels, returning to the edge of the pool and crouching down. He holds one out as I pull myself up on the edge. I drape it around my shoulders and nod. He turns back and grabs the egg as I get to my feet.

    “The mens’ room is closer. We can escape through there and I’ll double back for my stuff,” I propose with a twinkle in my eye.

    “Alright,” he gulps. He leads the way, pushing the door open and holding it for me. I risk a glance back at the pool; they’re still totally engrossed in their splashing around. I know I’ll get an earful later but right now, I’m bored.

    I step into the changeroom and we carefully close the door. “I’ll meet you in the hallway in a couple minutes,” I grin as I jog across the tile floor, hugging the towel around myself.

    I check that the coast is clear before I dash down the hall to the other changeroom. Dropping the towel on the bench, I go into the shower stall, turn the water on as hot as it will go and peeling off the two pieces. I quickly rinse my hair out, pulling out the ponytail and braiding it over my shoulder instead. Afterward, I drop the red fabric on the bench and quickly dry myself off before pulling on my clothes. God, it feels good to be in dry clothing again.

    Not sure what to do with the swimsuit, so I leave it on top of the wet towel. I’m sure Caroline will take it with her when they eventually leave. I wouldn’t particularly care it if disappeared. Heath is already dressed and out in the hallway, egg firmly in his arms.

    I grin up at him as I jog over. “Now that we’re fugitives, what do you wanna do? I could go for some more coffee, I don’t know about you.”

    “Sounds good,” he says, turning toward the caf. I fall in line beside him, much more comfortable away from the water. I’m pretty exhausted from the ordeal, but the excitement of the moment is keeping me awake.

    “So what other secret places does this place have?” Heath asks.

    “The pool wasn’t a secret,” I laugh. “We have lots of stuff. Ambrosse likes to keep up to date, so she takes suggestions from the mages who come from the outside world. Some rooms for games, or like… I think there’s a room with this big jungle-gym type thing. I wouldn’t say any of it’s a secret,” my smile fades as my mind wanders.

    “Surely there are some places that you know of that the others don’t, having been here the longest. Shall we go on an adventure?” he suggests.

    I twist my fingers together. “Yeah, but… I don’t think it’s the kind of place you’d want to go.”

    “What makes you think that?” he frowns, looking down at me as we walk.

    “It was…” I debate what to really call it. “Logan’s secret workshop, I suppose would be the nice way of putting it.”

    “Oh? That sounds sketchy.  Secret potions and stuff?” he seems genuinely intrigued now.

    I nod slowly. “And stuff.”

    “Well now I’m curious, but if you don’t want to, I understand. Maybe we can find our own secret place,” he chuckles to himself. He looks away, suddenly annoyed.

    “I don’t mind, I’m just not sure if you’ll be able to look at me the same,” I admit. “I’ll show you if you really want to go.”

    “Why would seeing that change my opinion of you? I’d have to be pretty shallow to see you differently just because of some guy you used to do things with,” he scoffs lightly.

    I narrow my eyes at him, skeptical. “Okay, if you think so. This way then,” I turn down a side hallway.

    I lead him through a maze of dim-lit halls on the first floor. At the farthest end of the castle, where the outer wall is closest to the cliff face, there’s a forgotten corridor. It’s dark, without windows because of the violent sea breeze. I create firefly lights to illuminate the hall enough to find the lone door at the end. Inside is a steep stairway, winding down into the stone of the cliff.

    “Pretty secluded. Kinda eerie,” Heath muses.

    “That’s the idea,” I retort.

    The floating flames light the way down. I press my hand against the wall as I descend, trying not to trip. Halfway down the sound of crashing waves echoes on the stone. The walls grow damp until finally, we step out into a cave. There’s a wide ledge around an inlet of saltwater and the cave curves to the right further in, obscuring the view from the stairs.

    “Seen enough yet?” I ask, knowing what’s around the corner and not really wanting to go any further. The sound of chains swaying in the sea breeze is barely audible over the waves.

    “Doesn’t look like anyone’s been here in ages,” he hums, scanning the space.

    “It’s been almost a year, I think,” I correct. “Though, he didn’t change much of the geography.”

    “The stairs were already here?” he asks, rounding the space, eyeing the tunnel before returning to me.

    “I’m not sure. Logan had it all set up by the time he showed it to me,” I cross my arms, hugging myself as my anxiety rises. Maybe this was a bad idea.

    “You OK?” he stands in front of me, a hand reaching towards me.

    I shrug, trying to play it cool. “Caroline erased the scars, not the memories.”

    His fingertips trail around my shoulders, pulling me against his side with one arm, the egg still in the other. “Sorry, I was stupid. I shouldn’t have asked. I understand how bad memories can affect us.”

    “It’s okay,” I shake my head. “I kind of wanted to tell someone, but Andrei… I don’t think he could handle it. Plus, they all seem to think I’m super fragile and won’t even bring it up.”

    “That can be hard. Sometimes, in order to overcome bad memories, you have to talk about it, or… make new ones…” he seems to get quieter.

    “It feels like talking about it doesn’t quite do it justice,” I scoff, about to continue when I’m cut off. He leans down, pressing his lips firmly against mine in a way that makes my heart stop. My stomach flips and my breath catches in my throat.

    I don’t even know how to react. It’s not like the last time, or even before that. It didn’t come out of necessity, or a heated argument. I stare at him, a wide-eyed tomato face, stunned.

    “I-I’m sorry. I know, it’s dumb but…” he stutters.  “I. .. can’t not. I … “ he blushes hard, handshaking on my shoulder. “I like you,” he says quietly.

    It takes a while for that to sink in. It makes sense, in hindsight. If I’m being honest with myself, it makes me happier than it probably should. “Oh…” I gasp with the realization, “Oh my… I’m so sorry,” I study his face, completely serious. “You deserve so much more.”

    “Don’t say that. I don’t deserve anything. I’m horrible with people, but with you, it’s different. We’re both… fire. We suit each other… you must see it, no?” his voice sounds pleading.

    I bite my lip. “I do see it… but Andrei. I couldn’t do that to him,” I feel my eyes sting. “I’m the one whose horrible. Do you think it’s possible to love two people at the same time?”

    “There are some who can love more than one… I don’t know what to think though. I’ve never experienced it before.” He growls in his throat, and I see on his face how he seems torn about something.  “I knew I couldn’t sway you, he is important to you. I’m just a nobody,” he pulls away, chin turned down.

    “You’re not nobody,” I argue. “Would you trust me if I was so quick to just leave the guy who has literally died for me? What kind of horrible person would I be if it was so easy? I love Andrei,” I grit my teeth, “but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have feelings here too.”

    He looks up at my last comment, eyes lighting up.“You do?!” he gasps, shocked. “I mean… I wouldn’t ask you to leave him. I couldn’t. He’s the father of your child and you two… I can tell you love each other. I could not compare. Would it be so wrong to… explore though? You said yourself, there’s sometimes you can’t explain yourself to him. He just couldn’t understand, but maybe I could, I wouldn’t judge, and I wouldn’t tell a soul…” he trails off.

    I hesitate, “Explore how?”

    “I mean,” he hesitates, blushing. “It not a question about trusting you. I can’t get you out of my head. However, you feel comfortable… we could… Gah, it’s dumb, sorry, I can’t say,” he says, flustered. I glance down at his hands, noticing the black of his fingers starting to slowly spread.

    I gulp, letting out a long breath. “Go look around that corner. I’m pretty sure whatever it is you’re trying to say won’t seem so difficult afterward,” I hold my hands out. “Let me hold that while you do, just in case.”

    He raises a nervous eyebrow before passing me the egg, reluctantly leaving it behind. Slowly, he moves down the hallway. I follow several paces behind, curious and concerned. No one else has ever seen this place.

    He comes to a halt as the room beyond comes into view. He stares and takes it all in, expression fairly blank. He turns back to me, a determined look on his face. “He did more than experiment on you,” he says rather than asks.

    I nod once. “That’s kind of an understatement.”

    “I honestly couldn’t say I know how half these things work. I guess some people just have different tastes” he says.

    “I find some people seem to be born with their tastes, while others have to learn,” I muse, glancing to the curve in the hallway. I don’t go close enough to see around the bend. I remember the chamber all too well.

    His eyes narrow slightly. “And which were you? Born or learned?”

    “I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter,” I sigh. “I had to learn, one way or another.”

    He steps back, heading back toward me. I turn and walk back onto the first chamber. He remains quiet for a while. I pause to look back, wondering what’s going on in his head. I find him right behind me, closer than I expected and I jump in surprise.

    His hand is on my shoulder before I can ask questions, pulling me into him. He’s warm to the touch, the black up to his elbow. He leans his head down, eyes looking directly into mine. “Please. I need to… feel” his sentence never finishes as his lips are on mine, stealing my breath. I feel his hand on the back of my head, pulling me into him. His grip on my arm is firm, almost painful.

    Where Andrei is slow and tender, Heath is quick and furious, coming onto me suddenly, without much warning and without a word. His kiss is rough and demanding. I feel his lips, hot and hungry.

    I find my feet dancing back as he pushes me up against the wall, forcefully. I let out a strangled gasp through his kiss as my back hits the cold stone. His hand on my arm loosens, gliding along my rib cage, down to my waist. He hardly gives me a chance to breathe as he glides his tongue across my lips.

    My mind goes quiet. All I can think is how warm he is, and I crave it. The dragon egg slips out of my grasp and rolls along the floor a few feet away, forgotten. I feel the flames inside roar to life and my lips part, allowing him to slide his tongue into my mouth. He wastes no time in doing so. My hands find his hips, pulling his body closer still. The heat is intoxicating.

    I feel his hand slip under my shirt, slowly inching up, hugging my curves. His hands are rough and hot, but I don’t mind that. It only makes me want to feel more. Not that I don’t adore Andrei’s gentleness, but it’s been so long since I’ve been able to be rough and right now, I don’t have to be afraid of burning him. That just might be the most exciting part.

    He pulls his hands away, yanking my shirt up and over my head. I notice, in the split second of opening my eyes that his arms are now completely black, his hands turning a deep orange colour. As soon as my shirt clears my face, his lips are on mine again, desperate for more as I tilt my head up to meet his. I bite his lower lip, gently, enough to make him growl. He pushes his body against me harder, the rough edge of the cave wall digging into the skin of my back.

    I feel his hand slide around my back, clumsily fumbling with the bra strap. I’m worried his hands might burn it before he can manage the clasp. It takes too long, and I get impatient. The fire reacts, reducing the black fabric to ashes that fall away in the breeze. At the same time, I tug at the edges of his t-shirt, craving the feeling of his burning skin against my own.

    He leans away, lifting his arms to get the garment off. He tosses it aside, reaching his hands for my tights. He slides the fabric over my hips, pausing to finger the edge of my lacy thong. I kick them off the rest of the way as he glides his hands up my thigh. As he stands, he cups my breast firmly in his grip, returning to kiss my lips. I run my hands up his arms, down his incredibly toned chest, and around his back. As he squeezes my breast roughly, I dig my nails into his back and a wanton moan escapes my throat.


    This dressing is taking too long for my liking. My body shivers in anticipation, but he’s still wearing pants. I slide my hands down, dragging my nails along his back until I reach the band of his jeans. I’m tempted to burn them too, but I remind myself that he has nothing else to wear after. So instead I find the zipper by touch, lips still locked and eyes closed. There’s already a sizeable bulge pressing against the restrictive fabric when I find it.

    He lets out a strangled moan at my touch, his abdomen caving in on itself in response. I can’t resist smiling against his lips as I undo the button, slowly pulling the zipper down. I pull the band over his hips and they fall away, without a belt to hold them up. His erection is apparent now as he pushes into me, breath hot on my neck, hot lips seeking my own hot skin. My head rolls back, exposing my collar to him as I heave to catch my breath.

    His hot kisses flare with heat as he trails back up my neck and returns to my lips. He thrusts me back against the wall again, harder than before, taking my wrist in his hand and lifting my arm up. His thumb hooks my thong, pulling it down. His body is pressed firmly against mine, hardly giving me space to grab his boxers. I can’t be bothered to remove them nicely, and in seconds they’re reduced to ash. Finally free, I feel the bulge grow against my thigh and gasp at the size of him. The heat reaches a feverish pitch and he shifts, repositioning himself between my legs.

    He slides his free hand down, pushing my left leg aside slightly as he directs the erection. He doesn’t wait or take his time, thrusting into me. I let out a yelp of surprise, my back arching inward causing my chest rubbing against his. He moans in response, pulling back enough to repeat the action. I almost bounce off my feet with the force of it.

    His hands grab my legs, hooking them around his hips and lifting me off the ground, using the wall as support as he continues to thrust into me, harder and faster. His lips part as he lets out a hoarse grunt, repeatedly.

    I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling his head down against the base of mine as my head rolls back in delight. He picks up the pace and I can’t seem to control my cries of pleasure that echo through the cave with each thrust. His grip tightens on my thighs as he holds me up, and I feel his nails dig into my skin. His moans grow louder with my own, much like our heat as it continues to rise with our combined elements in union; one fueling the other. The walls around us start to steam and some part of me is vaguely aware that no living creature could survive near us now.

    “It’s been far too long, hasn’t it, my dear flame. Remember me?” a sly, deep male voice cooes in my ear. I recognize it somehow, but not as the voice of a person.

    A shiver runs through my whole body, the energy in my chest jumps and makes me writhe for a moment. It remembers something, that’s for sure.

    “At last, we’ve become entwined again, as we should be. As we were meant to be,” the voice sighs heavily with contentment. Flames spread out from my fingers, lapping at Heath’s skin in a strange caress. It quivers inside me, purring like some demonic kitten. Its excitement fuels my own, and I’m quickly lost in the passionate moment once more.

    “I’ve missed you, pet. Now, shall we light this place up?” the voice teases. The flames respond, flaring out around us.

    Heath slows, lowering my feet back to the floor. He pulls back, and before I have a chance to question it, he spins me around. His hands grasp my hips, repositioning himself before he resumes, pushing my chest up against the wall as he moves faster and harder than before. I claw at the wall, gasping to breathe in between the pleasured screams that echo through the chamber.

    A familiar feeling bubbles up through my body as I reach a climax. My limbs quiver and I cry out, louder than before. It only encourages him. He leans against my back sliding his hands up my sides and crossing over one another to clamp around my breasts tightly, hugging me to him. His arms are bright orange, I notice, just like liquid magma, but they feel as solid as steel as he holds me tightly, keeping me still as he thrusts deeper than before.

    His name escapes my lips as I feel my body convulse again, reaching climax a second time. It’s overwhelming, and the sensations only intensify with each surge of hormones and adrenaline.

    “Only I can pleasure you like so… how could you have… left me?” the voice fades as Heath heaves one last time. He stops, still holding me there, still inside me. I feel him pulsing inside me, reaching his own finish. He breathes heavily in my ear, closing his eyes until his breaths calm, pressing his chin into the crook of my neck. I watch his face from the corner of my eye, wondering what he’ll do next.


    His grip loosens and he pulls away from me, leaving me to grasp the wall for support as he leans against the wall beside me. His face cracks into a real smile, one of exhausted satisfaction. I turn to lean on the wall with my shoulder, facing him and study his face. It’s definitely the happiest I’ve ever seen him. He lets out a chuckle as he stares back down at me with his glittering dark eyes – the ring of orange glowing brightly. I think I probably have a similar expression. My legs still feel unsteady, shaking from the orgasms.

    “I’ve never felt like that before in my entire life,” he says hoarsely.

    I blush. “I think that was a first for me too… I always have to hold back,” I glance down at my hands, covered in soot from burning the wall.

    “The lava and fire, they seem to know that, already. I felt your flame. I know what you mean now… how it speaks in sensations and such. Did you hear the lava too?” he asks.

    I look up at him through my lashes. “Yeah. It was talking to me. Or, at least, it was talking to the fire. I guess they met before, in a past incarnation.”

    “It would seem so,” he nods, tearing his eyes away slowly and looking down at his own hands as the blackness slowly recedes to his fingers. “It always talks about your fire.”

    I watch him, the wheels turning in his mind. “What’s it saying now?” I ask, curiosity getting the better of me. I can’t help thinking about how it called me pet. I wonder if it was only talking about the fire, being immature as it is. It’s kind of like an animal, but I can’t shake the feeling it was talking about me too.

    He looks up at the ceiling, listening. “It’s boasting. Constantly reflecting on the last time he and fire were together. He says that your fire thought it could find greener pastures in time, but it was mistaken. It has forgotten what was good,” he says with a calm face, adding. “Of course in many more vulgar words than that.”

    I scoff and frown. “Yea, I can imagine.” The fire seems to be content, purring somewhere deep in my chest. It said something about me leaving it, though since we only met recently, I can only assume it meant the fire guardian before me. But that was… Eli? He’s also with Time. Was it him, or was there another fire mage it’s referring to? I don’t really know enough to say.

    I’m not going to figure it out down here, either way. I look around the floor, scorch marks obvious all around where we stand. Our clothes are scattered around a few feet away and the egg lays on its side, further down the hall. I push off from the wall with a sigh, looking around for my underwear. Back to reality now. I have a sudden craving for a cigarette, and I pout.

    “So, how about that coffee?” Heath suggests lightheartedly. “I’m sure the others are looking for us by now.”

    I pull up my tights and reach for the red sweater. “Probably. If they don’t find us soon, I think Andrei will lose it,” I snicker. It’s not nice, I know, scaring him so soon after the incident yesterday, but it’s so cute when he gets flustered. “I’m gonna get such a lecture…”

    “Oh dear God… He’d kill me! I’m sure of it! But… it was worth every second of it,” Heath smirks from behind his curly locks as he pulls up his pants.

    I laugh. “Nah, he wouldn’t really. He’ll be pissed, sure, but I’m sure he’ll assume it was my idea.”

    “Why do you say that? He doesn’t seem the sort to blame you, or is there something I’m missing?” he asks with a worried frown.

    I shrug, pulling the sweater over my head. It feels kind of weird without a bra. “It wouldn’t be the first time. I guess you could say I have a history of taking off without telling him.”

    He raises an eyebrow, then asks, “We’ll still keep this a secret, won’t we? Just between us?” his expression looks slightly worried.

    I look up with wide eyes. “Keep what a secret? We just went for coffee.”

    “Right. A coffee, because we were thirsty and tired of the cold pool.” He smirks, pulling his T-shirt over his head.

    “Coffee is definitely better than swimming,” I grin as I pick up the egg, brushing off the dirt.

    “Want me to carry that?” he offers, stepping closer.

    I glance up at him, turning away slightly. My lips twitch. “It’ll cost you if you want it,” I say impulsively.

    His smile lifts at one corner. “What’s the cost?” he asks slyly, a gleam in his eyes.

    I smirk, biting my lip. “One last kiss before we go.”

    “How can I possibly refuse?” he leans down, hands resting on my shoulders as he touches my lips with his, strongly. I feel his tongue gloss across my lips as he smiles against them. I let them part, catching the front of his shirt in my hand. His tongue twists with mine warmly.

    What’s wrong with me? I force my fist to release his shirt, regaining some control over myself. The fire whines quietly as he breaks away, a small pout on his face.

    “Maybe some other time. The lava is insisting strongly,” he grins wantingly.

    I take in a ragged breath. This is getting messy. I let him take the egg and he holds it close to his side. I wonder if I’d be able to resist the temptation if we were ever alone together again. The eagerness of my element isn’t exactly reassuring, but the guilt is already beginning to creep into the edges of my mind.

    “Shall we?” I sidestep his comment, gesturing to the stairs. He nods and I turn to lead the way back to the caf.

By Krystyna Yates

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