The Guild – Chapter 133 – Hitomi – Kaze

    I am the wind. I am everywhere and nowhere. How? Because I am the wind.

    I’ve been around forever, and I’ll continue to be, even without a Guardian, because I am the wind.

    I drift aimlessly around the globe, whispering to the masses yet no one hears me. Except for her.

    There is always one who can hear me. Throughout time, there has always been one; one who could hear me when the rest of the world was deaf. Through the centuries I’ve been bound to many Guardians, but none as shy and reserved as she – Nijiyama Hitomi.

    In the beginning, I first spoke to a male youth whose eyes were of two colours. He sat in his boat and I came upon him, and he responded.

    From him, I passed to an older man, with hair as black as sumi, and almost as long as he was tall. Then to a woman, with eyes white as the fog. I was with her for nearly as many centuries as the first two were alive, but then she left me and I moved on to another. A Queen, with rainbow eyes.

    Ah, yes. She was believed to be a Shaman Queen to her people and I enjoyed my time with her. Together we created a great kingdom. I love the island nation of Nippon. My roots are strong here. For as long as I can remember, it was here that I found my companions. I wonder if they are related to each other in any way.

    Queen Himiko lived a long and prosperous life together with me. She often worried about the things I told to her, for as the wind, I know things others cannot. She had gifts though, that I am not responsible for. For one, she had a gift for prophecy that she often claimed I gave her, but that was not me.

    I miss all my companions and their lives are burned into my memory as I drift over the world. I cannot forget them. As all do, she left me too, passing beyond the Veil and into death. I didn’t take to a new companion for many centuries after her. I found no one who could hear me as the others, not until this century. Not until Hitomi.

    I recall it clearly as if it were yesterday. I blew over the mountains, feeling the summoning pull at my currents until I took shape upon the hillside at the feet of an abandoned infant before my namesake jinja (shrine). As she wailed for her mom, I felt such pain in her voice and I called the hot and cold fronts together, creating a storm just for her. I knew I would be with her next, even if she knew nothing of it yet. I am the wind, therefore I have no bones, but if I did, I’d say I could feel it in my bones, that she was by far the most powerful of all of my previous companions.

    Like her descendant, she bore the rainbow eyes, and like all my companions before her, she heard my voice on the wind. She opened her eyes and saw me. She reached out to me… and yanked my hair from my envisioned scalp. I cried out in surprise at the pain I felt. Unlike the others, she could touch me.

    To the others, I was still the wind and they could feel me, but they could not touch me, therefore, we could not blend and become one. Oh, but of course they controlled me, and commanded me and wielded me, but never as an extension of their own form. Oh, how she is different.

    She is the youngest companion I have been with. From infancy, I have been with her and still, many centuries may be held in companionship between us. I look forward to this time with her, and yet, I find her company the hardest to keep for her ways are strange and it feels like much of the time she is trying to push me away.

    At least, this is how I feel.

    I tumble about the island of the Guild in the far reaches of the South Atlantic Ocean, keeping my consciousness close to her at all times. The climate here is well, and I see little opportunity for a rougher presence. I wonder what she may be up to with the others. As I flit through the halls of the Castle complex, I find them to be somewhere behind closed doors, together.

    I pull my consciousness into being, raising a tentative hand to touch the doors of the library. They rattle gently with my breeze but I cannot open them. I am as physical as the wind. I wish I could join her. This separation, it hurts. I yearn to be at her side.

    I turn away, sighing. The hangings on the wall flutter with my passing as they should. What to do…

    As I meander the halls, I reminisce of the years we spent together, watching her grow. She was a timid child, uncertain of everything, but good at everything as well. Whatever the Kannushi taught her, she absorbed like a sponge, being able to do it greater than they could.

    She knew she had been left at the Jinja. She watched the other children passively but I could tell what was on her mind. She wondered what was different between them and her. What did they have that she didn’t?  She soon came to the conclusion, that she was alone. No one had loved her. But she forgot she had me.

    The teen year moods have been difficult to sail. As I said, she is my youngest companion. I never knew how volatile the young human’s moods could be on a personal level. Of course, I had seen many people over the course of my existence, but I was never connected to them on a personal level. This is as new to me as a fish out of water, or rather, a bird underground. Either way, I am learning.

    Since I can’t be with her now, I float through the halls, watching the elder and younger magical humans, feeling each of the presences as energies related to each of their powers. If one were to turn off the lights, they might see a display much like a Christmas tree, as each mages aura flickers with their own unique power. It’s beautiful to see so many in one place.

    I hope my young companion can find what she is seeking for here among those like her.


By Kayla West

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