The Guild – Chapter 106 – Samantha

    As soon as I heard the words out of his mouth I knew exactly what I had to do. I had to kill it. Or both. I’d be happy either way.

    I can’t help but feel broken hearted over the news and I now regret the actions I took all those years ago when I left Andrei. I had been afraid then, of what he might think. But I know now, I should have never left him alone.

    Now that fire bitch has claimed him as her own and locked him into a relationship with her by having his kid. I suddenly feel cold wetness on my cheeks and I quickly wipe them away before the cold wind can freeze them.

    Crouched outside the all too familiar two-story house in North York, Toronto, I seeth and pine over everything Andrei has left me for. He deserves better. I deserve better. I guess it’s my own fault he forgot me as he did, but I could fix that. I could somehow fix that, right?

    I shake my head, trying to dispel the mushy thoughts. I don’t have time to get emotional about this. I have to take it out before the Master finds out. I know he wants it alive, but I could care less about what he wants. If they have this child, there is little chance of me getting Andrei back, so I have to remove it. It’s the only way.

    The sunset about an hour and a half ago and they’ve been inside for nearly four. I hope they come out soon, my toes are beginning to freeze.

    While I wait, I contemplate the leaps and bounds I’ve made to master my magic. Turns out, the reign of the Guardians has returned and the Master intends to install us back on top where we’re intended to be; or so he says. I hardly trust a thing to come out of his mouth. I know how lies work.

    Regardless, I’ve known for a while now I had more powerful magic than some. Turns out I am one of the main elements, other than the cardinal elements and positive and negative. There are also the sub-elements of Light and Dark: Life and Void. I would hardly use the opposite death because I’m not dead and I can’t return to life like that British freak is rumored to do. No, but I can summon the dead.

    I can do a great many things now with my wealthy source of dark power and void magic. And as always, it’s for him… Andrei. I quickly change my thoughts, avoiding the touchy subject. I can’t let myself feel like that… not again. Never again. It only ends poorly.

    Victor is also like me, a Guardian awakened naturally. He’s got an ego big enough to rival the Master’s though and that makes me hate him. Who does he think he is, bossing me around. He may be long-lived, but he knows nothing of me. I could be considered long-lived too, in a way.

    Well, besides that, I hate his guts almost as much as Logan’s little pet fire. I find my hands shaking as I anticipate my plan of action. I can’t wait to see the look on her face as I rip Andrei’s seed from her womb… is that a bit harsh? I could afford to be harsher maybe.

    Finally, I’m pulled from my thoughts as the front door opens and the driveway is bathed in the yellow light coming from inside. At last.

    I flex my fingers, crawling out from behind the hedge across the street and step onto the sidewalk, watching. I’ve been watching all day as they’ve traveled around to their old homes. So careless of them, if you ask me. They’ve led us to all of their loved ones. Easy bait.

    I’ve gathered a few important details from following them around all day. There are only three of them, and a non-magic human. He’s no threat. They’re unaware of me on their tail and they are a great way away from their portal back to the island. I know how it works. Once you’ve made a gate to a location outside the Guild, you have to travel back to it to get home again; an inconvenient gimmick.

    I spy the annoying water girl, Caroline, I think her name was? And her non-magical boyfriend. Then Andrei steps out followed by two little brats in fluffy winter coats. Those would be his little sisters. I see Kaitlyn hoovering behind them, talking to his father whose holding a suitcase.

    I wait, impatiently for them to exit the house and move down the driveway. I see his mother turn to lock the door. Now.

    I shove my palm into the snow and open a portal, summoning three hulking Void monsters, undead? Dead? whatever you call them. It matters not, as I command them silently to attack the blonde and Andrei and chase away the kids.

    The light from the portal attracts my targets attention though and she immediately jumps into action, scooping up one of Andrei’s sisters and pulling the other back toward the door. I step towards them with cold eyes, summoning a blade of dark matter in my hand.

    I turn to see Andrei has his sword out and is pursuing a beast down the street. Good. In the other direction, the blonde is defending the non-magic kid and the pathway back to the door. With that in place, I stalk with eager determination towards Kaitlyn, who’s ushering everyone back inside. I grin at the chaos. It’s beautiful.

    I’m across the street and no one hardly looks my way as I approach them from the walkway. I feel delight at the sight of her flaming red hair, face turned away as I stop behind her, completely unaware that I’ve come for her, and not Andrei.

    I raise my blade and drive it forcefully into her back. I feel a sense of satisfaction come over me as she screams, crumpling to her knees. Blood spills onto the white snow, staining it red. The two children in front of her stare at me, frightful expressions on their faces as I withdraw my blade from her back.

    I’m surprised as the smaller of the two runs forward, arms out as if to protect my target. “Leave my big sister alone!” she shouts in a high pitched squeal.

    I smile with grim amusement. “Sister? You don’t want to be related to this. It’d only kill you,” I say slyly.

    The little thing frowns and pushes her hand forward, a splash of little, colourful sparks jumping from her hands. I take a step back, to avoid getting my hair burnt by the little bit of magic.

    “Do you want this too?” I ask, bearing my teeth. This is far too exhilarating. I spring forward with my blade, not hesitating to rid her of her magic too but my blade is stopped short as the red-haired wreck pops up from the ground, catching it in her hand. My blade slides through her flesh and passes through, but I pull back and watch as her arm turns black and necrotic.

    I chuckle to myself as it falls limp at her side. She stares at it, I guess with something like shock on her face. She looks at the little girl and says in a gravelly voice, “Ylenia, it’s okay. Get back inside and lock the door. You have to protect your mom and dad, okay?” The little girl – tears in her eyes, spins around and runs inside, slamming the door shut.

    No matter. I only need to kill her to be done here.

    “How does it feel to be bearing the seed of death?” I ask looming over her as she kneels on the ground, back still turned to me.

    She turns her head to face me, smirking as blood drips from her lip. “It feels like he still chose me.”

    I growl, summoning more void magic into my other hand, forming a black hole on the ground beneath her. Before my hole can fully form though, she leaps at me like a football player and we roll across the snow-covered lawn.

    She leaves a dark trail of blood and wet slush where she touches the ground. Lucky for me, she can’t shift into her fire form after I’ve struck her. Where her hands touch my arms though, I feel my skin burning and I quickly try to kick her off before I am scarred, but she has me in a death grip.

    Fire leaps out around us like a spider spinning a fiery cocoon. “You’re not the only one with dark magic,” she sneers.

    “No? And who else here can handle it?” I growl.

    My muscles tense as she starts chanting some strange latin incarnation, and I feel a sharp pain in my abdomen. I shriek, as the blood from her wound sprays outwards, solidifying and stabbing me. The pain is unbearable and my instinct is to reject it.

    I glow with a faint light as a surge of energy pulses from me, blasting her off me with incredible power. She flies backward, reiling through the air and coming to land on the lawn, sliding with the force of the rejection.

    I clasp a hand to my stomach, gawking at the holes she’s left and the blood that spills onto my hands. The sight of it makes me hate her even more and I feel every part of my body go cold. I feel nothing. Not even my hate.

    I sense a wave of energy around me and it’s as if I am not really standing at all. My breath deepens and hands begin to blacken as something hard and sharp forms over my skin.

    I snap my gaze to her across the lawn as she crawls to her hands and knees. She has something in her left hand and she appears to be fumbling with it. I let the energy consume me and I take a step towards her. I care not of the Master’s plan anymore. I realise now, I never did. I will obliterate her.

    The snow vanishes where I step and when I reach her, I see she’s sent a text, with only the letter ‘h’. She drops the phone, defiant orange eyes settling on me. I raise a clawed hand to rip her face off but am halted as a blood-curdling cry comes from my right.

    I turn to see him, sword raised, face covered in the guts of a void monster. His hair is plastered to his scalp and he looks pissed.

    I shift, deflecting his attack with my armoured arm and I swing my other out to push him back. As we spar I feel a thump in my chest. No! I can’t… hurt him…  

    My body doesn’t listen as it kicks him in the stomach, forcing him back. I stumble, regaining my balance.

    “Leave her alone!” he shouts as I turn back to the target of my hatred. He rushes toward me again and I block the blade with both my arms across my chest. I cringe with the effort to not destroy him.

    “Stay… Away!” I growl in a strange voice I don’t recognize.

    “I won’t! I could never stay away,” he shouts, stepping back, trying to lure me away from her.

    “W-Why!!” I shriek, lashing out with my claws which make contact with his shoulder as he tries to shield the blow. I feel a strange palpitation in my chest and I bring a clawed fist to it as I watch him grab at his arm. Black lines spread like webs down his arm where my claws have left gouges. Instead of blood, it turns necrotic.

    He maintains his stance and I feel the power wane. No! I can’t!  Have to… kill it! I turn on her again. I feel the hatred roar to life again as I fly towards her, but I never reach her as a pillar of ice blasts me in the other direction.

    I roll across the street and scramble to my feet looking around wildly for whatever the source of my interruption is.

    “You’re becoming a liability, Samantha,” a male voice hums dramatically exasperated. The voice grates on my ears. I recognize that disgusting British accent instantly. Victor…

    I spin around and glower at him. “Why’d you stop me?” I hiss.

    Victor flicks his fingers, and the snow gathers at my feet, rooting me to the spot. I claw at the snow, but I can’t be rid of it. “We can’t have our agents running around going rogue on their own personal agendas. We have rules, Samantha. You had orders,” his childish face hardly suits the darkness inside him.

    “His orders are pathetic and childish. Why keep the child alive? It’s better off dead,” I spit, turning to look back at the glowing figure hunched in the snow. She’s already trying to heal the wound. I can’t let her finish! I pull on my foot, wanting to move, but I can’t, so I reach my arm out instead, ready to summon a black hole, anything that will stop her.

    Suddenly she’s surrounded by ice. Her head snaps up and she looks around in a panic. Victor sighs, shaking his head. He looks around at the others. “Terribly sorry about all this. I hope you weren’t too… inconvenienced. Please say hello to my sister for me,” he smiles at Andrei before his gaze settles on me. “Come now, I think you’ve had enough fun.”

    Fun? Oh yes, it was fun. Perhaps I did something bad, but at least I felt great doing it. I laugh in his face. “You’ll never understand how it feels,” I look down as he opens the portal and I’m suddenly surrounded in blackness. I can’t deny, I’m a little frightened about what awaits me on the other side, but I can’t hold back the delightful giggles that bubble in my stomach at the chaos I got to wreak before I was stopped.

    The room we appear in is cold and dark. The only sound is a strange occasional drip. Victor stands ahead of me, on the other side of bars. It takes a moment for me to figure out which of us is in a cell.

    “You disappointed us, Samantha,” Victor frowns. He almost looks genuinely sad, but I know it’s just an act. He takes a deep breath and shakes his head. “No matter. That behavior will be corrected soon enough. The Master is determined that you will not become another failure, like that other one. What was his name… The one you murdered in cold blood?”

    My blood runs cold as he brings up Logan. “I’m not a failure,” I deny. I hate that he thinks I am not capable. “I do my job well.”

    “You did not do your job today,” he responds, his tone flat.

    I scoff. “Depends on whose job I was doing,” I whisper under my breath. Regardless, it feels like a slap in my face.

    “Today, you nearly destroyed the key. You will learn your place,” he adds almost as an afterthought.

    Key? What the heck is he talking about? “I was never told anything about a key. What do you mean?” I ask as he turns and walks away. My magic bubbles away and I feel a sudden heaviness in my limbs as I collapse to the floor.”Wait!” I call out weakly.

    “Are you surprised?” his voice echoes down the stone hallway. “Learn to obey, and perhaps you will be trusted with important information.”

    My eyes sting as he disappears. “Why wasn’t I told this before?” I say quietly to myself. I’ve always been made to wait. Asked last to do him a favour. I thought it was because he trusted me to finish the job, but instead, I learn he withholds all the important things from me. Why? Why!

    I curl into a ball on my knees, balling my hands into fists as I pound the cold ground beneath me. It’s just not fair… It’s never been fair! The air in the room chills as I pound the floor, but that’s not my magic. I still, and wait. All is silent as my heart pounds in my chest. All is silent, except.




By Kayla West

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