The Guild – Chapter 80 – Andrei

This chapter may contain mature subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.
(Do I sound a bit like a TV? That’s what I was going for! But seriously. We may have had a bit too much fun exploring our characters love life, so if this kind of material makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to stop reading at the symbol *_* No offense will be taken.)

    I smile triumphantly as I delicately place the last strawberry on the top of the whip cream tower I’ve piled on top of the fruity pancakes I’ve made for Kat. She’s been sound asleep for about two hours and I thought, since it’s just about dinner time, I should make her something special. I hated to leave her, but I’m sure she’ll still be sleeping. It’s not like my mountain of special pancakes took that long to make. Maybe twenty three minutes tops.

    I make sure they’re stable before I use my speedy time to hurry back up to the room. I pause at the door, looking at it with a perplexed expression. Didn’t I shut it before I left? Oh well, I shrug as I push the door open with my shoulder. I step into the room and look at the bed… well, more like stare, because Kat is still asleep but she’s now leaning on Selene’s chest as she strokes her hair sort of like a mother.

    My jaw drops, I’m certain of it. “What’s going on? Why are you here? Why is she there?” The questions leap to my mouth before I can filter them. That’s my job, isn’t it? Suddenly I feel very defensive.

    “Shh,” Selene whispers. “I sensed panic, so I came to check. I had to put her to sleep with magic.”

    “But… she was asleep! I don’t understand,” I finally find my feet and move to the dresser where I place the pancakes before moving to the bed. I feel sort of cast out now that Selene’s here. “Did she wake up? What do you mean by panic?”

    Selene places her hand on Kat’s forehead, closing her eyes. “She awoke and found herself alone. It seems she was unsure if she was really awake or stuck in the Veil again.”

    I frown. “I was literally gone for like, twenty-three and a half minutes. Jeez, my timing was bad. Is she ok? Why was she panicking?” I reach a hand to Kat’s and lightly touch her warm skin.

    Selene shifts, slipping out from under Kat. Kat doesn’t move, floating in mid-air, thanks to Selene. “The dreams,” she answers softly.

    “She told me about them. She said she had one about her family, but that’s all I know. I told her it’s all an illusion, that the Master was using it to torment her there. What else could I do?” I ask, frustrated that there always seems to be something I can’t do to help her.

    Selene, now standing, waves her hand and Kat is slowly lowered onto the bed. “I wish I had answers for you, Andrei,” she sighs. “If what I saw is even part of the dream, knowing it’s an illusion does little to lessen its effect. You reassure her, even there. You are doing everything you can.”

    “Yeah, but… it’s never enough,” I growl softly. “What did you see? She won’t tell me, only cries if I bring it up, so I don’t want to ask, but I want to know. Can you tell me?”

    She stares at me, steely eyes, torn. “I could show you… but I warn you, it cannot be unseen.”

    I look at her with determination. “If Kat sees it while she sleeps, and is haunted by it, it’s the least I can do to see it too. Maybe… maybe there will be a clue there that she can’t see that will help me to stop these dreams. I don’t know, but I have to try,” I nod, indicating that I’d like to see.

    She takes a deep breath. “Very well. Close your eyes, and do not fight me.”

    “Ok,” I agree, closing my eyes and waiting. I feel her palm on my brow and it takes a second before suddenly it feels like I’m the one dreaming, yet it’s different, somehow. I look around and it’s sort of like I’m dreaming in third person. Like I’m there, but I’m not.

    The dream materializes around me, and I find myself amongst the charred ruins of a house. The smoke still rises from the blackened timbers and the air is thick with the smell of burnt household things that were never meant to be burnt. It stings my nose, even in the dream. I see Kat, standing beside me and I look to where her eyes are focused. I see a body, and then another, charred black beyond recognition. I take a step back and gasp, but she can’t hear me.

    She turns around, so I follow, and there they are again, standing before us; two adults, one seems to be holding something and I soon realize it’s a baby. Their skin is still charred and they look like demons from hell with eyes open, staring at us. They start to talk, no… scream.

    “Monster!” They yell, over and over. The baby screams in a horrible pain filled shriek. I move to cover my ears but notice Kats expression, which makes me stop. Her face is twisted in pain, guilt, and fear. Tears cover her face. That’s when I hear a voice, a voice I’ve never heard before.

    At first, he laughs maniacally, then he speaks in a grating, gurgly tone. “He cannot save you, niece.” I spot him, behind her burnt family, dressed in a black cloak that covers his face in shadows. His voice grates on my ears and I hate the way he uses the familial term niece.

    Kat’s shaking her head but when I try to wrap my arms around her my arms pass right through her. I forget this isn’t the veil, but a replay of her dream. I turn angrily toward him, the Master and I bare my teeth, yelling. “Leave her alone! You’ve done enough!” I leap past her family and try to grab him but suddenly the world dissolves around me, the air smells cleaner and my eyes snap open. I see my arm extended as I was about to grab him, but instead, my hand grips Selene’s shirt. I blush suddenly and pull it back.

    “He can’t hear you. It’s a replay of what she dreamed before,” she says.

    “Right, sorry. I got… a little carried away,” I say, taking a step back. “It was horrible! Why would he do this? How does it help him to torment her like this?” I stop, knowing there are no answers to these questions. “How can we stop them?” I ask instead.

    Selene frowns. “He knows more about the Veil than anyone, it would be near impossible to stop it. The only solution I can see is to continue what you do best; be her strength. If you must step away while she is resting, I can come in. Simply, we should not leave her alone for the time being.”

    “I understand. I’ll do that, but… I think I might have a way we can eventually help. There is one other who knows this place you call the Veil. She probably knows way more about it than the Master,” I smile. It occurs to me as she mentions it. “I went into this place to get her back, but I’ve been there before, without realizing it. I keep having this dream of a woman, she claims to have been an old master of Time. She’s usually there when I go. Perhaps, when we finally get all of the artifacts and I can open the portal, then we can ask her for help.”

    Selene looks past me and I stop as she looks like she’s concentrating on something else.

    “What is it?” I ask, turning around to see if someone’s there. I see nothing. Just the door. I look back at her, a little confused.

    She hesitates before answering. “Markus. He agrees you should speak to this woman. However, I believe we will need the final artifact, yes?”

    “Wait, Markus? You’re talking to the founder? I thought he was … dead?” I say, disbelief in my tone.

    She purses her lips in thought. “Yes and no. He is currently a disembodied spirit. I managed to restore enough energy for him to manifest himself, while you were retrieving Kat.”

    “The Time Master said that the artifacts would serve more than one purpose, open the portal to the Veil safely for us to enter and also to help him! We need to get that artifact, and fast!” I feel the excitement building in my chest, a race to find it, to finally get a lead up on the Master and whatever it is he’s planning.

    “I agree. Perhaps, then he will be able to annoy one of you instead,” she scoffs.

    “Haa, is he that bad?” I ask.

    She rolls her eyes. “If you were invisible for three hundred years, wouldn’t you be?”

    “I suppose. I wouldn’t know though,” I wave my hand.

    Selene looks down at Kat, then back to me. “Are you ready? I will release the spell.”

    I nod, looking sadly at Kat as she sleeps. “Yes, I’m ready. Thanks,” I smile at Selene thankfully. She reaches down, touching her fingertips to Kat’s forehead.

    “I will leave you to it then,” she steps past me. “If you need me, I will come.”

    “Ok,” I turn, taking a seat on the bed. “I’ll be sure to let you know.” With that, she’s gone and Kat stirs beside me. I lean down, placing my hands on either side of her, looking into her face as she wakes.

    “Morning,” I smile. Her face flashes briefly with fear before it shifts to recognition, then relief. “I’m sorry, I had to step out. I made you something special to eat. Think of it like breakfast in bed, at dinner time,” I grin.

    She giggles and sits up. “Why are you sorry?”

    I give her a frown. “I left to make you food, and according to Selene, you woke up in a nightmare. I’m sorry I left you alone.” I watch as her expression shifts between confused and realization. “But, never mind that. I’ve made you something,” I say, standing and retrieving the pancakes from the dresser. I hold it out before me proudly. “Tadaa!”

    Her face lights up, eyes wide. “Wow! That’s amazing. Thank you,” she pats the bed in front of her. “Will you share it with me?”

    “I made it for you! If you want I can take a bite or two,” I wink, sliding onto the bed next to her and holding the plate for her. I’m glad for the distraction from her dream. I like it when she smiles. “Or would you rather I fed you?” I hold up the fork, twirling it in my fingers with a smirk on my face. This could be fun.

    I hold back a laugh as she turns bright red. I take this as an invitation and dip the fork into the whip cream, breaking off a healthy portion of pancake and stabbing a strawberry too before holding it before her. I smile excitedly as I hold it in front of her lips, watching every second of her reaction. I’m very tempted to just pull it away and steal it for myself.

    She hesitantly parts her lips, leaning forward to take the bite. She seems unsure, so I hold back on the teasing and gently tip the fork as she closes her lips around it. I slide the fork out and watch her, wondering if she likes it or not. I wait with anticipation.

    “Soo?” I ask as she finally swallows the first bite. “What do you think?”

    Her hand hovers over her mouth as she chews, nodding quickly. She mumbles something that sounds like, “Itsh reary goo’.” It makes me smile so I prepare a second bite.

    I hold it up, but this time I have something else in mind. As she reaches for it, I pull it back just a bit and lean in. “This bite costs a kiss,” I grin.

    She blushes a fresh shade of pink and laughs, a little embarrassed. She bends over the plate, leaning towards me. I watch but as she gets close she turns and steals the bite instead. She laughs as the whipped cream smears across her lips.

    “Oi!” I frown mockingly. “Now you owe me! There’s interest you know.”

    She lifts her finger to her lips, wiping the whipped cream off and putting it in her mouth with a cheeky smirk. I drop my mouth open in shock, a hurt look on my face. How could she?! I pull the pancakes away from her and hunch over them. “Fine then, the rest is for me!”

    She grins. “Then I’ll just have to eat you.”

    I freeze in shock. She’s never been so bold before. What should I do? I’m out of lines. I look at her with wide eyes. “You wouldn’t…” I trail off, unsure.

    “I don’t know,” she sings. “I’m pretty hungry now.”

    I eye here warily. “Hungry for pancakes? Or…” I smirk. “or for the interest?”

    “Can I have both?” she bites her lip.

    I can’t resist when she does that. I lean closer, thinking about my answer. “Perhaps,” I say, eyes locked on her lips. “If I could have a little taste first, maybe.”

    She narrows her eyes. “You can have whatever you want.”

    I grin wider. “Whatever I want?” I confirm, leaning closer.

    “Mhmmm,” she hums.

    I lean close enough to practically touch her lips with mine and then quickly turn to the right, biting the fork which I’d been sneakily loading while I distracted her. “Mmm, you’re right. Shish ish good,” I mumble.

    I feel her lips on my neck as my face is turned. I get goosebumps on my skin and I shiver a little. Her lips are sticky with cream. I lick my lips, tilting my chin up as she kisses me. I have a passing thought that I should put the pancakes back on the dresser…

    I feel her roam upward, leaving a trail of kisses up my neck, across my cheek and towards my ear. I shiver as she gently nibbles my earlobe. Oh… God…

    “I should… put the pancakes… somewhere safe,” I breathe, losing my self-control with each second that passes.

    She pulls away, to my great disappointment and I sigh, standing to put the pancakes out of reach. I dip my finger into the whipped cream before I return though, and turn, smiling. “I’m ready,” I say, dabbing a small amount on my lips before I cross the space back to the bed.

    As I take a seat she grabs the collar of my shirt and pulls me down faster than I can anticipate. I fall on top of her as she leans back. Our bodies press against each other, our lips meet, smearing the whipped cream. I hold my finger out, the one with the cream on it, careful not to get it on the sheets.

    “You really are hungry,” I try to speak as we kiss.

    I kiss her lips, sweet with the berries and cream. It’s intoxicating, really. I smile against her and pull back slightly so I can see her face. She looks confused but I shake my head and lift my fingers to my lip to shh her. I hold up the cream and smile at her. I’m not sure if this will be any good… I’ve never done anything like this before, but it might be fun.

    I use my free hand and struggle to unbutton my shirt so I can slip it off. It’s harder than it looks. After I struggle for what seems like forever, she reaches up and helps me with the rest of the buttons. I shrug off the shirt, careful to keep the cream safe.

    I dab her lips first and lean down to kiss her, but instead, I lick it off, slowly. I watch her closely as I dab my neck. “Can you find all the cream?” I ask.

    She grins knowingly, pulling herself up to lick my neck gently. I shiver again at her touch. I try to bite back a moan, but I’m quite unsuccessful. How does she do this to me? I make another dab, this time on my chest. “You said you wanted to eat me…” I grin, feeling my cheeks flush with warmth. I’m completely unsure about myself.

    She raises an eyebrow and leans down, following the cream. As her lips touch my skin I feel her gently bite. I flinch at the strange feeling. What have I gotten myself into?

    I leave a trail for her until I run out of cream, and ideas. I caress her shoulder as her tongue licks my stomach and finally, I think of something. I push her back gently and gather the bottom of her shirt in my hands, pulling it over her head. Her hair spills out from the shirt as I remove it and I nearly faint from her beauty. I toss it to the side of the bed and reach around to her back, kissing her neck as I unclip her bra. I whisper in her ear. “I want a taste of you too,” I breathe softly. She gasps lightly as I pull away, smiling.

    I dash back to the pancakes and get some more cream, returning as she positions herself on the bed. A small growl escapes my lips as I watch her. I hold up my finger, wondering if I should place it, or let her.

    She watches me, waiting. I guess I have to decide. I lift her hand in mine and hold her finger up, transferring the cream to her. “What do you recommend I try first?” I ask her, smiling.

    She looks at her finger, thinking. I watch carefully as she traces her collarbone with the cream, but she doesn’t stop there. Her finger continues downwards, between her breasts, down to her belly button, coming to a rest on her hip bone.

    I lean down, eyes fixed on hers as I gently kiss her starting from the top. I trail my tongue along her skin, pausing when I come to the groove at the base of her throat. I give her a passionate kiss here before I continue along the trail down between the valley of her breasts. Her skin is smooth here and smells strongly of her. I feel her breaths rise and fall as I slowly move over her skin. I must admit, this is quite thrilling.

    I run my hands along the sides of her ribs, spreading my fingers wide as I continue kissing towards her belly button. I slow here, kissing her softly and shuffling backward so that I can reach the rest of her cream trail. She heaves a deep breath from her belly as I trail lower, licking her hip bone like an ice cream cone. With this, she gasps loudly, back arching in pleasure.

    “My, my,” I say looking up at her. “Maybe I’m moving too quickly,” I grin slyly. I push my hands upward, grasping her rib cage firmly. I roam upwards to caress her breasts as I come back to her lips for a deep kiss. “That was delicious,” I say breathlessly.

    Her body shivers in my hands as her eyes burn with lust. She traces the Guardian symbol of time on my chest with her fingers lovingly. “You can move as quickly as you desire, Mr. Hero.”

    I roll my lips, unsure how quickly I want to move. I want each moment to last a lifetime. Is that just me being wishful? Or is it truly possible for me? I rest my brow against hers and look deep into her eyes, tracing her own mark on the inside of her arm with my fingers. It glows softly against her skin.

    “At times like these I wish time would stand still, don’t you?” I ask, rubbing my nose against hers. “You’re just so… overwhelming,” I breath, kissing her on the lips and pressing my body into hers. I feel her bare chest beneath me I suddenly want more. I don’t know if I can hold myself back much longer. I twist my hand into her hair, careful not to pull too hard. I don’t want to hurt her, never.

    The feeling is mutual as I feel her hands comb up my neck and through my hair, which is just past shoulder length now. It sends goosebumps down my arms as I feel her pull my head to hers, kissing me strongly. Her burning fire and my ticking time could last forever, I think. Together, the time magic in me thrums with life, ready for anything, like the pulse in my ears. I feel her heat against my skin and I welcome it with each touch of her fingers. It’s as thrilling as each kiss she gives me.

    “I’d do anything to protect you,” I manage to say as we break apart for a desperate breath. “Truly anything.”

    Her palm rests against my jaw, thumb stroking my cheek. “There is nothing I would not do if you wished it. I’m yours, now and forever.”


    I smile, the thought is sweet, but… “There’s certainly things I wouldn’t ask you to do. You should be careful with promises like that,” I grin. I untangle my hands from her hair and roam downwards, fingering the button of her jeans.

    “I mean it,” she insists, running her fingers through my hair.

    I moan, looking into her eyes, stopping my hands. I search them, but I all I see is sincerity. She means every word. How is that possible? I mean, there are definitely things I’d never ask her to do. Things I’d find morally wrong. I give her lips a peck then slide down quickly to her waist. I kiss her belly as I successfully undo the button and zip and slide them off.

    “Anything?” I ask, raising my eyebrow as I trail my finger lightly up her inner thigh. I have other things in mind.

    “Anything,” her breath hitches with my touch. I reach the top of her thigh and slow my movement. I slip my finger beneath the elastic of her underwear and pull it tenderly away from her skin. Her hips rock as I slowly tease.

    I suddenly stop, sitting up. “Then, what if I don’t want to do anything? What then?” I am amused by her reaction and I fight to hold back a giggle.

    She blinks. “Well, then that would be what you want. To do nothing.”

    I sigh, I have to tell her. “I don’t know what to do. I mean… I have no ideas… What do you want to do?” I ask her, reaching out to take her arm in mine. I pull her up, pulling her close. “Is there something you want to do?” I tilt my head, curious.

    A strange smile crosses her lips. “That’s not the same as not wanting to do anything. There are many things I can show you.”

    I gulp with nervous curiosity. “Like what?” I ask slowly, not entirely sure I want to know.

    She tilts her head before she stands on her knees. With one hand, she nudges gently for me to lay back. “First, we can find your sweet spots.” Her eyes twinkle.

    My eyes widen. “My what?” I ask as I lean back. I’m a little frightened of that twinkle.

    She taps her finger on her hip, where she’d placed the cream earlier.

    “Ohh,” I mouth silently. “I see.” Suddenly my heart is fluttering. What might she have in mind?

    She moves to straddle my hips, watching my face with earnest anticipation. I don’t know what to expect. “Just tell me if you want me to stop.”

    “Ok,” I say a little nervously. She bends over my chest, pulling her hair around to one side as she dips down. Her lips press softly against my shoulder, then move a little bit, and a little more.

    It mostly tickles and I stifle my laughs, trying not to let it on. She roams around, her warm lips teasing my skin, but a shocking tingle causes me to let out a moan as she kisses an old scar on my ribs, just under my right breast. It sends my nerves on the spritz and I bite my lip as she hovers over it.

    She pauses, looking up at me to read my reaction. Her eyes glow knowingly. I’m pretty sure I’m blushing but I nod for her to continue. I want to feel more. She lowers her gaze and I feel her lips press against the sensitive scar tissue like a butterfly. My moan intensifies as her lips press harder against it. Suddenly, her kisses turn into a pulling sensation.

    “What are you doing?” I moan.

    She pulls away, a curious expression. “You’ve never had a hickey before?” she asks with a giggle.

    “No, I don’t think I have. Is that what that’s called?” I ask, feeling stupid.

    She smiles. “Yes. You suck on a spot just a little bit. It breaks the blood vessels beneath the skin, making a little mark. It’s fun, on both sides, I think.”

    “That sounds… painful, but it didn’t feel bad,” I grin. “Do you like hickeys?” she blushes, looking away. I take that as a yes. “Duly noted,” I reach my fingers down, feeling the scar that’s she’s kissed. It doesn’t feel different, but it brings back memories of how I got it.

    “I think this one came from a jump where I found myself employed by pirates on the Indian Ocean. I was eleven then,” I tell her, pulling my fingers away.

    She listens with wide eyes, tracing over the scar with one finger. “Scars are always more sensitive. I think it has to do with the different tissue, but maybe it’s also the memories behind them.”

    I let out a laugh. “Yeah, dodge rolling a deckmate with a bloodlust for thieves is definitely a sensitive memory,” I pause, watching her look at the scar. “I don’t imagine all scars’ memories are good ones though,” I reach my hand for one on her chest, gently caressing it, feeling the rough scar tissue with my fingertips. She used to have much more, but thanks to Caroline, these new ones carry much different memories than the horrendous old ones. Scars bother me.

    She chuckles. “In my case, they’re not nearly as interesting as being on a pirate ship.”

    “I guess you’re right there,” I smile.  

    Her gaze wanders across my chest. “What about…” she leans down to kiss another scar. “This one?”

    I moan, this one, on the top left corner of my breast, isn’t as sensitive. “That one? Is from a skirmish in Mongolia, when I was a stable boy. I was out retrieving the horses after a battle when one of the dead had seemingly come back to life and tried to stab me through my padded armour.”

    “And here?” she touches a long line that goes from my left nipple to my navel. I shiver under her touch.

    “That one…” my voice falters as her finger moves along the rough skin. “That’s from a hunting accident with a Viking party. I’d gotten too close to one of the hunters as he swung out at the deer. His long blade tore through my clothing and sliced me deeply upwards from my navel to my nipple. Took me three weeks to heal from, half of which I spent back in my own time, after jumping home. I remember the looks on my parents faces when they saw me turn up wrapped in rags. Boy, they were worried.”

    I lose the memory as she dips her head and presses her lips to the top of that scar, slowly roving around its line towards my navel with her tongue. I heeve a pleasurable sigh. She was right, they are sensitive. I feel like I’m squirming under her lips. “How do you do that?” I breathe heavily.

    “Do what?” she asks innocently as she looks up through her lashes.

    “That!” I say, melting at her gaze. “You’re dangerous! In a good way,” I don’t think I can take much more of her teasing.

    “I don’t know what you mean,” she muses, pressing her lips on the end of the scar. Her teeth graze my skin just enough to raise goosebumps. I bite my lip in anticipation.

    She slides further down, pressing her lips against my hip bone like I did to her. I feel a jolt and my whole body tingles with sensation. I groan, loudly. I bet you anything she’s smiling, but I can’t tell as I squeeze my eyes shut, throwing my head back with a groan.

    I feel her tongue lick my skin and I lose it. I take this opportunity to flip her over. She gasps loudly as I suddenly push her back and crawl on top, hands hugging her belly. I giggle with excitement. “That’s enough of that,” I grin mischievously, trailing a finger through the space between her breasts.

    I intend to make her feel double, so I tickle a scar lightly with my finger before leaning down and lightly sucking on her skin. She moans at my touch and I’m pleased with her reaction. I reach lower, to her thigh, as I was doing when I stopped earlier, and trail my finger up, smiling as I raise bumps along her skin.

    “How is that?” I ask.

    She inhales raggedly. “Good.”

    I snicker as I lean between her knees, kissing up her inner thigh. Her back arches with a loud gasp. I stop kissing and use my tongue instead, licking her inner thigh as I work my way toward the top of her hip. Her body trembles with pleasure.

    I run my hands up her legs and hold her hips, pulling myself up again. I chuckle as I look into her eyes. “I’ll do my best to pleasure you all night, My Lady.”

    She turns bright red all over. “I thought I was supposed to show you…”

    “Well… You can! Teach me, that way I can do the same for you,” I wink. “This teasing, though, it’s almost too much to bear. We can… move a little faster, maybe. Show me what you like too,” I say.

    She studies my face for a long moment, hesitating. Finally, she takes both of my hands, pulling me forward slightly. She arranges it so that my hands wrap around her wrists, before laying her arms above her head. She then looks up at me, flushed with uncertainty.

    I raise my eyebrow. “Really? That’s a little… restrictive, isn’t it?” I stay in this position, thinking about what she wants and what I may be willing to do. “If I hold your hands though, you won’t be able to touch me,” I pout with regret. I really like the way she touches me. I don’t want her to stop.

    She looks down, shrugging slightly, despite her position.

    I study her expression, unsure if I like this idea. My mind is racing with emotions, conflicted and aroused. But what bothers me most is how much this reminds me of forceful affection, and that experience is all too raw in my memory. I suppose, with time and maybe a little convincing, I could come to like this form of pleasure, but at the moment, I hesitate. But… what do I say? She wants this, she’s showing me that, and it must be incredibly exposing to show me what she likes without knowing how I’ll react. To be honest, I didn’t really expect this, but I guess I should’ve, knowing who she’d been with before we ever met. Can I really make her happy? Can I give her what she wants?

    She slides her wrists out of my grasp, avoiding my gaze. “Sorry, I shouldn’t… You don’t have to. It’s just something I’m, um… Nevermind,” she stutters to a stop.

    “No! Wait… Something you what? Please tell me. I want you to be… happy,” I’m certain I’ve messed up this time. God, Andrei. Don’t overthink it!

    She frowns. “Something I’m used to, I guess. I’m happy with the way you are, Andrei. Whatever you’re comfortable with.”

    I stare are her, thinking hard. I need to make a decision. I could chicken out, or I could say I need to think about it. I can’t say I’d be doing it willingly, but… I guess trying wouldn’t hurt. Besides, she could pull her hands away at anytime, really. I’d let her go if she wanted out. I twitch my nose as I decide, taking her wrists in my hands and pulling them above her head. I look deep into her wide eyes and try to look resolute in my decision. “I’ll… try. But if you want out at any time, I’ll let you out. Ok?” I say.

    She smiles sheepishly, nodding quickly.

    I kiss her passionately, holding her wrists against the bed. I feel her body convulse and I move mine in motion with hers. I fumble with her hands, moving them so I can hold them with one hand while I unbutton my own jeans and kick them off without breaking away from our kiss.

    When I’m finally free of my confining clothing, I return my free hand to her elastic and slowly slide it down her legs to her ankles. She kicks it off the rest of the way and I position myself between her legs, on my knees. I look at her face briefly, but her eyes are closed. She wreaths with pleasure and it makes me keen for more. I’m not waiting any longer.

    “I love you, Kaitlyn. I love you so much,” I whisper as I push into her, making her gasp. I hope this night never ends.

By Kayla West


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