The Guild – Chapter 62 – Samantha

    I find myself in my room. It’s dark, and not because the curtains cover the windows, but from the amount of void energy, I see swirling above me.

    That… witch of a girl had me convinced every bone in my body was broken and it hurt like hell. It’s a lingering pain, that takes hours to go away, even after she’s left me unconscious. It’s a miracle I could even nullify my feelings long enough to converse with her. I almost had her too. If I had been able to release my void magic, she would have been incapacitated, I’m sure of it. I wonder how she got into my mind. There are things she can do that I was not aware of. I have grossly underestimated her strength. It won’t happen again. I can’t afford it.

    When the energy finally condenses into an orb I summon it to me and absorb its life. The after effects of her thoughts had me convinced I could not move for hours. Such a waste of time. I inhale the sweet breath of freedom as the energy dispels the last of her effects on me and I smile. Finally, the pain is gone.

    I stand, crossing the room to look into the floor length mirror and comb out my hair. I’m a mess. I change my outfit and apply my perfume. When I finally feel myself again, I leave my room. I have things to be about.

    I slip through the halls, hoping to not run into any of that Guardian crew. I’m in no shape to face anyone right now. I’m pleased with the time jump Andrei thinks I induced. In actuality, I just got him so excited he released it on his own. He’s quite predictable. Back then, it was random, and I admit, he has more control now. This will make him useful to the Master.

    But now, I have the book I’ve been looking for. With this, I can learn more of my own magic’s tricks. Of course, I conned Andrei into thinking it was mine and the Guild had taken it. But that was necessary, ‘cause if he knew the truth, he wouldn’t help me, even if he was under that love potion.

    I needed his jumping to acquire it. I had already checked the headmaster’s office in this time, but I could not find it. Andrei was always better at that. I smile to myself at the memories I have with him in that time. Three days of adventure and passion. This will cripple him if he ever sees that fire thing again. I almost laugh at the thought.

    I stalk through the Guild, thinking. I need a way to get that British witch back. But I can’t fight her without first learning more about my own magic. This place has training rooms, so I decide to use one. I find one near the end of the hall and lock the door behind me. I don’t want anyone to find me, so I set a spell on the windows to turn black, keeping me out of sight.

    I sit in the centre of the spacious room and crack the thick tomb open. It’s a little dusty, but I’m pleased with the promise it contains. Time to practice.


I step out of the training room, pleased with the results. I need more practice, but it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of. I can’t wait to work with it some more. Now I’ll be even more useful for the master and his plan.

    I decide it’s time for bed. I have planning to do, and Andrei to toy with. I need my beauty sleep. As I walk through the outdoor corridor with the stain glass windows, I attempt to name all the elements I see. Earth, Fire, Ice, Water, Wind, Life, Light, Dark… I stop before one which looks like a rough circle, black outline surrounding the moon outside through the glass.

    I stare at it for a while, reminded of something. Yes, I’ve seen this before. I grin, holding my fingers up to the circle around the moon. I may not be able to erase the moon, but the glass between it and I is easy enough. I blink, staring through the circle I’ve made with my fingers and smile as the circle within vanishes.

    “Hah,” I laugh in the dark, alone. This is only the beginning.


    It’s been a few days now. The days stretch on and there’s no hint as to where the fire thing ran off too. I’m more annoyed than anything. I was hoping to see her face as I took Andrei for my own. Now I’m afraid I’ll only be disappointed at how boring this will be.

    I’ve been watching him from a distance for a while, ever since the jump. He’s been avoiding me for some reason, spending more time with his friends. The water girl, Caroline, she’s been up to something I think. She seems to be perceptive when it comes to my motives. I don’t deny I’ve been anything but obvious, but still.

    In this time, I’ve also been reading that book and practicing each day. I’ve learned a few easy tricks that might keep me from being easy prey for the British witch again. Now, I still have to find a way to collect her for the Master.

    I admit to myself, I grow weary of this academy of magicians. There’s no excitement around here. Just mundane lessons, schedules, and training. I’m eager to leave. Soon I will make my move on Andrei.

    Soon he will be all mine and the masters. Won’t he be pleased with me then, when I bring not one, but two items back for him.

    I almost regret to hand over Andrei. I kind of want him all to myself, like those times that summer we first met. Hmm, yes, maybe I’ll keep him for a while.

By Kayla West

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