The Guild – Chapter 60 – Andrei

    I find myself alone. I’m breathing heavily, and it takes me a few moments before I’ve gained control of my breathing. My back is sore and I roll over onto my stomach, propping myself up on my elbows only to realize I’ve slept on the floor of the crypt. There are no windows here, but I know from my time magic that it’s after two in the morning.

    I groan, pulling myself up off the floor. I brace myself against the founder’s crypt as I stand, gaining balance. That was the strangest dream I’ve ever head, I think.

    Leaning against the crypt, I mull over the dream, the girl with the flaming hair and the other with raven black. It had felt so real…

    But everything feels that way these days. I’ve become so confused and uncertain. I can’t think straight. It feels like there are these holes everytime I think. No matter how hard I try, I can’t think linearly anymore, my mind is all over the place. I decide maybe sleeping in my room would be a better idea than here on the floor.

    The Guild is quiet and dark as I wander up to my room. I pass no one, which I what I was expecting at this time of morning. I walk down the hallway and find myself standing absentmindedly before the door at the end of the hall. A faint scent of burnt campfire emits from the wood and I find myself intrigued. I don’t understand it, but I grip the handle and I enter.

    The inside seems familiar, but my memories are just met with darkness. I feel a faint comfort though, standing in this room. I walk over to the bed, staring at the sheets, the hues of a burning fire. They look untouched.

    Memory tickles at the back of my mind like it wants to say I know whose room this is, it’s infuriating that nothing else comes of the thought. I decide to sleep here for the night. It’s more inviting than my cold dark room. I crawl beneath the covers, not bothering to take off my clothes.

    The scent of fire is stronger than ever and I find it relaxing. I rub my stubbly cheek against the pillow and drift off to sleep. This time, no dreams torment me.


    I wake up, nose filled with that campfire smell. It’s soothing. I smile, opening my eyes to see if –

    To see… What did I expect to see? I almost imagine someone sleeping on the bed beside me, but the sheets are empty, the other half of the bed cold. Who’s room is this? Why am I sleeping here?

    I lay there, waiting for my memory to come back to me. I recall waking up in the crypt. Why was I there again? When nothing comes to mind, I shrug it off and crawl out of the bed.

    I leave this room and return to mine, changing my wrinkly clothes for a long sleeved polo, burgundy red, and a clean pair of blue jeans. I clip on my rapier keychain and comb my hair. It’s getting long, I suppose I should find a way to cut it. It’s nearly past my shoulders now. I stroke the growing stubble, longer than I’m used to wearing it. I like the look though. I wonder if –

    Wonder what? Maybe… Caroline will like it. No… that’s not right. Why would Caroline care? She’s dating Kaede, and he can’t even grow facial hair, I think. That’s funny… I definitely thought someone might be interested.

    My body trembles with some unexplainable confusion and I grip my head in my hands, crouching on the floor. My eyes suddenly fill with tears and I can’t stop them. Why am I crying? I don’t understand! None of this makes any sense!

    What am I forgetting?

By Kayla West

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