The Guild – Chapter 57 – Samantha

    I walk through the dreary stone halls of this so-called school. After spending the better part of the day sitting in a boring class with other Guild students, I feel drained and annoyed. I need somewhere I can relax, somewhere I can be myself. I can’t find that at this prison of a building, so instead I’ll keep busy with work.

    The sun is setting outside, it’s orange rays cast a fiery hue through the open arches of the walkway and onto the floor before me. I pass through each ray of orange tinted light on my way to the basement.

    I’m here for more than one reason, to be perfectly honest. The Master asked that I attend to some very important tasks, other than retrieving that witch. Ever since that silver-haired twit failed one too many times, his work has been passed onto me, until he finds a replacement, that is.

    It’s mind-numbing, but it brought me back to Andrei, a pleasant bonus in my opinion. I had no idea he’d be here with these losers that call themselves magicians. They were all quite gullible at the idea that I, a complete stranger, would avenge their little friend’s death at Logan’s failed attempt to regain possession of his fire thing.

    But I was there for another reason entirely. As the Master had indicated, I was to give him three days to get the British girl back. As I expected, he made no such stringent effort to acquire her. So I took care of him.

    The world was washed clean of one less fool, in my personal opinion. That fire girl was more of a distraction than anything. The fool was obsessed with her but had no wit to actually win her over like a true magician. If you want something, you made it yours. He needed a true master to teach him that, but I wasn’t about to waste my time on him. I have more important things to think about.

    Now, Andrei. It was surprising to find he had actually had a thing for her too. Pathetic really. I thought he was made of sterner stuff. But then, I didn’t let him have his way. I want him all to myself again. Like before. I have a need for his attention and his magic.

    Not just for the Master’s little fling, but for me. I find myself smiling at Andrei’s intent affections. It does feel nice to be fawned over again. I missed the attention.

    I find myself in the library. Unfortunately, I’m not alone. Andrei sits in the back, by the entrance to the crypt, reading some ancient thing. I don’t see why it’s so interesting, but I guess some things never change about a person.

    He looks up as I approach. “Oh, Sam! What brings you down here?” he asks with interest.

    I cringe inwardly. I am not in the mood for small talk. I try to think of a valid excuse to see him. “I thought you’d be here. I want to ask you for a recommendation,” I lie.

    His face brightens and I smile, hiding my annoyance. He can’t restrain himself around me, it’s almost too adorable. I wish I was in the mood, really.

    “Oh, what did you have in mind? A book?” he asks.

    “Yes, I wanted something on fire magic,” I say quickly, trying to make it sound natural.

    “Hmm,” he thinks, then walks over to a shelf and starts rifling through some books. “It might take me a while, why don’t you have a seat?” he suggests.

    “I might take a look around downstairs, if you don’t mind,” I say, excusing myself.

    “Why? It’s all demolished down there. Nothing to see but the half melted coffin of the founder,” he says.

    “I know. Guess I’m just curious. I’ll be right back. Take your time,” I wave with a small wink, then I descend the stairs to the basement. The room still smells smokey from the after-effects of the fire girl’s rage, though the school’s people have managed to clean up most of the debris.

    I cross the now empty room to the back alcove where the stone crypt of the school’s founder rests, his face melted into a blob of molten rock.

    Markus Halsey. Brother of the Master, who still hasn’t told anyone what his real name is. I stare at the faceless tomb without a shred of pity for the man who lays there in eternal sleep. He’s better off that way.

    The Master wanted me to ensure the kids hadn’t found a way to wake him up yet. I look around the room, looking for anything out of the ordinary. There’s not much adorning the walls. A lone nail protrudes from the rock where once a picture must have hung.

    I look to the floor next and swipe my arm across the room, casting a spell of reveal. I’m glad I learned that one, as the floor immediately lights up with faint purple lines that carve a summoning pattern onto the floor. Beneath the crypt itself is a hidden glyph, from which four lines extend in the four cardinal directions to either corner of the room. At the end of each line is a circle containing the glyphs of the four major elements; Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.

    These are the same symbols that hang from the flags around the school and from the stain glass windows too, along that hallway I passed on my way here. Ahh, Markus, you are so predictable.

    I must get to work –

    “What’s that?” Andrei asks from the open gateway.

    I roll my eyes and turn, disappointed. “Andrei, love. I told you I’d be right back,” I sigh.

    “Yes, but I found… the book,” he says, staring at the floor. Great.

    “You weren’t supposed to see this. Now it can’t be helped,” I say, canceling the spell and walking towards him.

    “What do you mean?” he asks me, innocently.

    “You were ever the saint, weren’t you. Tell me, Andrei, love. Did she ever get you in her pants?” I ask.

    He just looks at me, not saying a word but his cheeks turn a shade of pink without him knowing. That would be a yes.

    I tisk my tongue. “You were supposed to save that for me, love. Only I can show you how it should be.”

    I wrap my arm around his shoulder, resting my other hand on his stomach as I press my lips against his. His lips part as he is about to speak but I quickly steal the words away from him with my tongue. I hear a thud as the book he was holding drops to the floor.

    I trail my hand lower, past his belt, I feel a wetness on his face and my eyes flutter open to confirm my suspicion. Yes, those are tears streaming from his face, but he doesn’t pull away. I smile against his hungry lips.

    His poor soul is cracking and he’ll be all mine for the taking.

    I guess I’m in the mood after all.

By Kayla West

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