The Guild – Chapter 2 – Andrei

Here is the next installment from my character’s point of view! Enjoy!


We pull up to Kaede’s basement apartment and file out of the car. It wasn’t a long drive but with Caroline freaking out silently, it was pretty intense.

“Hey, is your friend OK?” The driver asks, looking back through the rear-view mirror as I try to lift her out of the car. She seems to have passed out while we were driving. I don’t blame her.

“Yea, she’s just tired. Don’t worry about it.”

“Alright. Take care you kids. I hear there’s a kidnapper around here.”

“Actually -” Caroline starts to explain, but Kaede jumps in at the right moment.

“Yea, we heard, that’s why we called you. Thanks for the ride!” We finally exit the cab and, watching over our shoulders as we get into the house and lock the doors.

As soon as we’re in, I lay the red haired girl on the couch and run to the kitchen to grab a wet cloth.

“What’s wrong with her?” I hear Caroline say from the living room.

“She just fought off two crazy monsters and a dude who’s been kidnapping people. Did you not see him moving those monsters, Car? Give the girl a break.” Kaede retorts.

“I didn’t mean it that way,” She says defensively. “I mean, why isn’t she wounded anymore? Look!” I walk into the room with the warm cloth and I see her pointing at the girls stomach. I notice the tear in her shirt. “Andrei said she was bleeding but I don’t see any fresh blood, nor do I see a cut. She’s perfectly fine!”

“Look out,” I say as I take a look. I gingerly lift the bottom of her shirt up. I wipe away the dried blood and pause. I notice a small burn scar next to her belly button. I wipe again, to make sure it’s not a trick of my eye but it remains there, like a small flower shaped scar. I replace the shirt quickly, before the others have time to question what I’m doing.

“How is it?” Kaede asks, leaning over and checking her forehead for a fever.

“Good. It’s strange, but Car’s right. The wounds gone. I swear I saw her bleeding and look,” I show them the bloodstained cloth. “There’s blood here, but her wound is gone.”

“I told you! We shouldn’t have brought her here! What if that dude with the silver hair comes looking for her?! What if the monsters come back?! We probably led them right here!” Caroline’s hands wave wildly in the air as she speaks.

I get it; I thought the same thing, but I honestly couldn’t leave her there, no matter how little I knew her. She seemed… different somehow. I felt something around her. I couldn’t explain it, not yet.

“Caroline, you can take my bed, I don’t care.” She stares at me, flabbergasted that I would  change the topic, then huffs off to dump her things in my room.



“Did you see anything else during that fight? Anything strange?” I ask, hoping to confirm the details.

“Yea, I mean, for starters, where’d she get the sword, right?” He asks, taking a seat on his computer chair.

“Right, anything else?”

“Hmm,” He thinks a moment. “Other than the strange monsters and the silver haired dude, I mean, she suddenly killed both those things with fire. Does she have a lighter?”

I check her pockets, trying to be respectful and not prod too far. “Nothing. Maybe she dropped it.”

“Perhaps.” He nods.

“She said a name too. Rone, or Roahan. Something like that. Was there anyone else there besides us three and the silver haired guy?”

“Not that I recall. Wait, I think I saw an animal, maybe a cat or something run by. I can’t remember though.”

“This is strange.” I say, rubbing my chin.

“That’s an understatement,” Caroline says as she returns from my room. “This whole thing is a huge mess. What are we going to do with this girl?”

“Caroline, go check the window or something. See if you see anyone across the street.” I suggest.

“What?! I don’t want to be seen! What if they recognize me?”

“Don’t let them see you then.” I roll my eyes. Honestly. I turn to Kaede and nod my head.

“She noticed.” I say, softly, so Caroline doesn’t hear.

“You let her see?”

“Not on purpose, but I tried to knock her out of the way. The thing was fast. But I mean before. I think she can use magic!” I whisper.

Kaede looks over his shoulder to see if Caroline’s returned, then turns back to me with a serious look on his face. “That would explain the fire and no wounds.”

“Right. But how can she know if I change time or not? That’s just…”

“Not weird man. It’s like that in all the books and movies. A magic user can always tell when another user’s around.”

“Really, man?”

“Really.” He whispers, looking up as Caroline comes back in, she seems to have calmed down a bit.

“No sight of anyone.” She says, looking at the girl. “Hey, I think she’s stirring.”

We all turn to the red haired girl as she groans, eyes fluttering open. She just stares at the ceiling for a few moments, her eyes focused on nothing. Suddenly she jumps up, making us all lean back in shock as she leaps onto the back of the couch and crouches there. Caroline let’s out a surprised yelp as the candles on the TV stand light for no reason.

We all watch her, I throw up my hands to calm everyone down. Her eyes look panicked like a trapped animal, and are they.. Orange? I’ve never seen eyes that colour before. They’re strangely attractive. She watches us carefully, her chest heaves with each breath and she looks ready to jump past us. She has nowhere to run, thanks to the small space and the three of us standing around her.

“Hey, hey, it’s OK. You’re alright. No one’s going to hurt you. Do you… remember what just happened?” I ask, trying to relieve the tension.

She squints at me, her face scrunches up and she rubs her forehead as if it hurts. “Shit… I guess that wasn’t another bad dream.” She mumbles.

“Wait, are you saying this happens often?” Caroline says in a forced whisper.

“Not the time Caroline.” I hiss.

The girl scratches her head, “Uh… Well, yeah.” She says flatly.

“Great!” Caroline huffs, throwing her hands and storming back into the kitchen.

I turn back to the girl. “What do you mean another bad dream? Can you tell us what happened back there? Why was that guy kidnapping students? Why were you following us? And how’d you – “

“How’d you defeat those monsters?” Kaede interjects like a hyper child with a new video game. I give him a look but I can’t stop his wild imagination.

She looks at us with a level stare, “I set them on fire. Weren’t you there?” She raises an eyebrow at Kaede, like he’s the crazy one. He just gawks.

“So, no lighter? No matches? Just…” He flicks his fingers and makes a puffing sound.

The girl raises her hand and mimics Kaede perfectly, except real flames leap from her fingertips and he jumps out of his chair.

“Whoa! You really are a witch!” He looks at me like he’s not sure if what he’s seeing is real or not.

“Witch?” She says with a defensive huff, sliding down onto the couch and sitting with her legs pulled up to her chest. “Do you see a pointy hat?” She draws the impression of a hat on her head with her hand. I snicker.

“Not all witches wear hats,” Kaede points out, holding up his hand ready to tally the number of tv shows he knows where witches don’t wear hats.

She looks at him with a sarcastic smirk, “Which of us do you think knows more about witches? You or me?”

“That’s besides the point,” I interrupt, glaring at her and Kaede both. “What were you doing on campus? I saw you earlier, before lunch. Why were you following us?”

She shrugs, like it’s obvious, “I was looking for Logan. You seemed like a likely next target.”

“Logan, is that the silver haired dude?” Kaede asks.

“Target? Why me? I don’t even go to that school.” I say. This girl obviously knows way more about what’s been happening on campus than either of us know, but why? And how does she make those flames? Is she really anything like me? I intend to drill her all night if I have to.

“Where’s your sword?!” Kaede asks out of turn.

“Common, man! Wait your turn.”

She laughs, “He’s not just targeting random students.” She pointedly ignores Kaede. “He’s looking for young people with… potential.” She looks me up and down and it’s like I’m naked under her gaze. I feel a blush touch my cheeks. “You stick out like a sore thumb. I could pick you out in a heartbeat.” She adds.

I stare her down, I need more information. “What kind of potential?” I ask. I need to know how much she knows.

“Magic, spells, sorcery. That sort of thing. It’s kind of a whole underground society.” She says matter of fact.

“It’s real man! She’s not just kidding us! I can’t believe it! Oh my god I’m so psyched!” Kaede jumps up and down energetically. Like my own secret wasn’t enough prove for him to believe in magic.

“Well, I think your friend here has the wrong people in mind. None of us here can do magic.” I say, standing up and crossing my arms. This whole thing sounds fishy to me, like it’s too good to be true.

She pouts, “Oh… Then I guess I got impaled back there and died. This is a pretty crappy afterlife.” She stares at me, unblinking, a smug smile on her cute face. It almost looks like a glare with all that mascara on.

“Ah-hem,” Kaede coughs, standing next to the TV stand and elbowing one of the candles off balance.

I see it falling and out of instinct, I feel the time around me, slowing it down and dashing over to grab it. I see it fall at half the regular speed and I grab the bottom of the candle, holding the flame up. I set it back on the stand and return time to normal.

I turn back to the others and freeze. “Shit… You jerk!” I punch Kaede in the shoulder.

“Oww…” he pouts. He deserved that.

The girl grins like she just won a million dollars.

“You can’t pass this up man! It’s too awesome!”  I just glare at him, angry with his trick.

She stops smiling and furrows her eyebrows, thinking, “But that doesn’t explain why there were two traps…” She slowly turns to the kitchen, where Caroline disappeared to.

Kaede and I share and questioning look and shrug.

“Maybe he knew you were there?” I suggest. She just shakes her head. She suddenly jumps up and sneaks into the kitchen. We quickly follow behind, waiting to see what she’ll do.

Caroline is looking out the window again, balanced on the balls of her feet, peering across the street. She doesn’t even notice the girl standing right behind her. Suddenly the girl pokes Caroline in the side and she jumps with a small cry, slipping on the floor. The girl backs up stealthily, like a cat.

“Oh my god! What was that for!” Caroline shouts, rubbing the spot on her back where she was poked. Kaede and I both snicker from the doorway. It was too good. She glares at us, clearly offended. “It’s not funny you guys. What’s your problem?” She grunts at the girl.

The girl looks around Caroline, as if looking at something behind her. “Interesting…” She mutters. She turns back to me, “Do you see it?”

I shake my head, “I don’t see anything. Why?”

She looks annoyed, pointing with her finger, “Look harder!”

I look again and see Cars grumpy face, then. As if focussing a lense on a camera, I focus on the space around her and see a shimmering light, like a blue filmy cloth floating around her. “What is that?!” I ask, stepping closer.

I turn to the girl and suddenly I see a similar film, like a veil of shimmering red around her too. “You have one too!” I gasp in surprise.

“What? What do you see?!” Kaede complains from behind.

“It’s like a… I don’t know, an invisible curtain or something. Can’t you see it?” I ask him.

“Nope, just a grumpy Car.” He complains.

“It’s called an Aura. It’s like a signature of your magic ability. Not everyone can see them, not even all magic users.” She explains.

Kaede frowns, leaning against the wall. “Figures, I’m just a normal kid.” He’s definitely sulking.

“What do you mean, magic?” Caroline asks. She definitely missed most of what was said in the other room. “I don’t know any magic. I don’t even believe it exists!” She says. She’s a product of her studies, all hard core facts and theories. She can be so cute sometimes.

The girl shakes her head, “Sorry, one lecture per customer. You boys can fill her in. I need to step outside.”

“Wait, you can’t go out there. What if that Logan dude comes back?” Kaede says blocking the door.

She shrugs, pushing past him easily, “Then I’ll kill him.”

“Why didn’t you do it before then?!” Caroline points out. I dash over and grab the girls wrist, making her stop.

She looks at me, surprise crossing her face as she flinches away from my touch. I’m a little taken aback, did it hurt? “It might not be wise to attract his attention now. It’s getting late, and besides, we don’t even know your name.” I point out.

She half turns away, face hidden by the door frame, “It’s Kaitlyn,” She mumbles, “I’ll only be a minute.” She pulls her hand away and climbs the stairs, letting the door slam shut behind her.

“Great! Now fire girl-”

“Kaitlyn.” I correct.

“Kaitlyn… She’s gone and I’m alone with two magic freaks who almost got me killed today!” Kaede buzzes.

“Oh shut up Kae, For all we know she could be lying about our magic.” Caroline grumbles. She looks to me for confirmation and I shrug.

“I don’t know… She did something and I saw those auras. I don’t think she was lying.”

A scared look fills Caroline’s eyes.  “Then… what’s going to happen next?” she asks.

“I don’t know…” I say. “Anything could happen next.”

By Kayla West

Kiki's Tales

    We pull up to Kaede’s basement apartment and file out of the car. It wasn’t a long drive but with Caroline freaking out silently, it was pretty intense.

     “Hey, is your friend OK?” The driver asks, looking back through the rear-view mirror as I try to lift her out of the car. She seems to have passed out while we were driving. I don’t blame her.

    “Yea, she’s just tired. Don’t worry about it.”

    “Alright. Take care you kids. I hear there’s a kidnapper around here.”

    “Actually -” Caroline starts to explain, but Kaede jumps in at the right moment.

    “Yea, we heard, that’s why we called you. Thanks for the ride!” We finally exit the cab and, watching over our shoulders as we get into the house and lock the doors.

    As soon as we’re…

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